Lucas likes playing a new game these days.  He likes to take the back sofa cushions off of the sofa and put them in front of him. Then he likes to play hide and seek. He is really into hiding these days. First, it was in the cupboards, yesterday it was in the clothes racks and now it is behind the sofa cushions.  The funniest part of it all was that each time he would put the cushion over him, the longer he would take to pop out and yell BOO! About a minute went by and nothing.. So, I peeked behind the cushion and Lucas had fallen asleep! It was the funniest sight.  After snapping a quick picture, I moved the cushion and Lucas kind of fell over, but never woke up!                 

dsc00332.JPG       dsc00333.JPG

dscn4380.JPG              dscn4383.JPG

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  1. sunshine says:

    How CUTE!

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