Wishing you Sunshine

I woke up this morning down in the dumps. No reason. Just did. One of those days I guess. Started off with yet another spill of PINK Pediasure on my carpet. Thankfully, this time the stain came up. I was not lucky with the same kind of stain in my bedroom…. Plus, I woke up before 6, again! Why I keep waking up so early I do not know. Very frustrating. So, I whipped out my Scattered Showers stamp set and made me a little pick me….


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  1. bethpuckett says:

    Ok, so this is definitely a pick me up! How cute is this? I think I know why you are waking up so early. It is either June 21 or 22 that is the LONGEST day of the year. With it being lighter for more hours of the day, maybe you should really be wishing for “moonshine”. Just kidding! Cheer up!

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