Winner from yesterday’s little game + video!

That was fun. I need to do that more often!!! I think I will!!! I’ve set aside quite a few fun, crafty goodies I think you all will enjoy for fun little games. Today’s prize? A Papertrey Ink Button Assortment Pack. I have a ton of colors! A ton!!! I’ll bag up an assortment of all the colors and ship them off to you! Ok, ready for the answers from yesterday’s game? The four sets I used in yesterday’s card:

Critters in the Snow, Fly Free, Critters in the Burb and the toughie that caught a lot of people, My Silly Valentine!

Here is another look at the card (click to enlarge)!

See the little heart on the hair bow on the deer? That is from My Silly Valentine. A lot of you guessed Partly Cloudy because of the clouds, but that was patterned paper. If you read the post, I did mention that as to not mislead anyone! LOL!

So, those who guessed correctly are:

Aparna, Ayana, Chari, Sue D., Kristy, Babe, Christiana

And taking a cue from the sweet Tiffany, I asked my son to draw the winner. Gotta watch the video to found out who won (and to see just how cute my son is, lol)!


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  1. Oh my gosh, Laurel, you are BEAUTIFUL! I mean, I always knew that from your photos, but you’re even prettier on camera. Wow! Really, wow! And Lukas is just as cute as can be.

    Congratulations, Ayana!

  2. Haha! I LOVED this! Thank You!….
    Listen, if Lucas wants me to be “Alana”… then Alana is what I will be! LoL… I’m off to put in a request for a name change asap! 🙂

    1. BAHAHAHA. He has an ALANA in his class so he was getting angry that I was mispronouncing her name. LOL! ! He is very protective of his little girlfriends!

  3. Laurel, you’re so pretty! Totally agree with Christiana on that one; I knew you were cute from your pictures but didn’t realize how beautiful you were until I saw you on camera. 🙂 Your son is absolutely adorable as well.

    Congrats, Ayana!

  4. Ahhhhh soooo close! I hope I get my hands on some lawn fawn soon!

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