Where are my keys!

I have had quite the week. On Tuesday night, my son started complaining that his ear hurt. 2 hours later he spiked a temperature of 103.7. Took him to the doctor the next morning and sure enough, he had a pretty bad ear infection. At that point, he hadn’t eaten in 2 days so when he requested a blue icee from Target, I jumped at the opportunity. We went into Target, straight to the Icee and then to the Thomas the Train aisle to pick up one train, taking no more than 5 minutes….. By the time I reached the check out, I realized my keys were gone. I back tracked and nothing. After an hour and a half, I phoned my mom who came to pick us up, take us home to get the spare key, back to Target and then finally home. My poor son who was incredibly sick was stuck with me in Target for almost 3 hours. Normally, I would that is paradise to be stuck in some place like Target, which I frequent at least once a week, but considering the circumstances, I was miserable… 3 days later and my keys have never surfaced. No one turned them in. I don’t know why someone would steal a set of keys, but that is the only solution I could come up with. A replacement key to the car, $20. Replacement keyless entry, $120. Replacement jump drive, $30. A very expensive mistake on my part…. Ok, I just wanted to vent to the blog world.

Update: my keys were never found.

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  1. cartersvillefamily says:

    don’t worry Laurel. I made a dumb mistake this past week that cost us $160. I began backing out of the garage with the door still down a little and it knocked it off track. We had to get the repair man out here to fix it and “tune it up”. Just what we needed to spend money on!

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