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Hi there! If you follow me on Instragram, you saw I posted a peak of this watercolored piece I was working on! Today, I’m here to share the full reveal!  Using the Cosmo Cricket Just Add Watercolor line is simply the best thing ever! It’s great for newbies or experienced watercolor artists. I fall along the lines of a newbie!


I do have to confess. I bought this 10×10 canvas block thinking it had the design of the  picture on it and all I had to do was add the color. Alas, the block is blank as indicated in the title. OOPSIE! So I took a pattern from this 12×12 paper pad, watercolored it and adhered it to the canvas block with Faber Castell’s Gel Medium! I was determined to make the purchase of the block worth it!!!


I went around the edges of the canvas with a gold and white gelato and then sealed that in with some Faber Castell Glaze… I went around the edges of the paper with some matte mod podge just to ensure it would never peel up and as a final touch, I sprayed the entire thing with a matte spray fixative (spray outside, it stinks, lol)! Now all I have to do is figure out where to put in my daugther’s room.

Here is option 1, hanging. And see the pink yarn? My grandmother passed a few years ago and they found this in her house amongst her things. Lily was the only baby girl at the time of her passing so we all knew she was at the beginning of making something for her. So I have kept it in Lily’s room ever since, completely untouched. (Edited to add: I removed something from this spot so if I choose option b, i will hang the original artwork back in its place) – 🙂


And here is Option 2. Standing on her pink dresser.  See the bunny lamp? My mom found the bunny as a door stop, painted it and had it turned into a lamp for Lily.


So which option do you like? Hung or standing up?? Hmmm….

I have a video I’ve shared in the past about the line and I do some watercoloring using a pre designed canvas block and a few from the 12×12 paper pad. You can go HERE to take a look at the blog post which will link you to the video. This line is super popular, so if you find it’s out of stock, no fear! Suppliers are working at getting it back in stock ASAP!  Also, be sure and follow Blitsy, a 4 day flash sale site! They just had the line but it sold out fast! Don’t worry, it will be back there too!

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  1. Sandra Schroeder says:

    It looks nice on the wall, but the colors go so well with the flowers in her name letters. I say on the dresser.

  2. barb macaskill says:

    I think it looks better hanging up! It seems to finish the trio with the doll and yarn on either side!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Laurel. 🙂
    Kate xx

  4. Such a lovely project! So glad you found a solution that worked for you!
    I love it hung. I agree with Barb that it looks nice between the doll and the basket!
    Thanks so much for sharing (especially about how popular this collection is – I know when I first saw it I about fell over with excitement!)

  5. TracyM #6773 says:

    LOVE IT Laurel!!!
    Sorry to upset make the decision more difficult, but I like it on the dresser best 🙂

  6. Brenda Lee says:

    Amazing project, Laurel! Love the colors. Awesome job!

  7. lenny says:

    Loooove this bright and colorful canvas, Laurel!!
    Wow!! Perfect home decoration piece!!!

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