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*Video: Up close look at the Canvo Bullet Journal

A few days ago, I blogged about the new product line at Catherine Pooler Designs! For those that missed it, click HERE! Before I go any further, let me says this:

  • I don’t do planners. They are too structured for me and I find myself with a bunch of wasted pages because I have no life so I have nothing to write in the days of the week.
  • I can’t draw
  • My handwriting is horrible
  • I don’t like stamps that were made just for planners or journaling. I like things that can be used with all crafting venues (stamping, scrapping, cardmaking, art journaling)…..

With that being said, here is a video of my honest opinion of the Canvo Bullet Journal and how i plan to use it. Also a sneak at a few pages I did (and there you can attest that I can’t draw and my handwriting is in fact – HORRID).


What is the Canvo? It’s a bullet journal that solves all the problems of other bullet journals and then some! Here are a few things that immediately caught my attention:

  • Heavy weight paper means NO BLEEDING! And trust me, I layered a ton of markers and ink on one page to try and get it to bleed thru
  • It’s pretty!!! As of now, it comes in two designs to choose from
  • The pages are numbered
  • The cover is laminated so it won’t get all dingy…
  • Spiral bound so it lays flat

Along with the Canvo, Catherine released other products that can be used in the Canvo AND in cardmaking! WOOT! Those products will get their own video! But can we say, MINI INKS PLEASE??????? Stay tuned…..

New Release products:

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