Catherine Pooler Heat Embossing Techniques Videos

*video: Layered Heat Embossing and embossing with water

Did you know you can emboss with water? I didn’t…. Total accident discovering it….. Today I have a video showing you just how its done. But first, we are going to layer different color inks on top of each other, heat setting as we go to see what happens. It’s actually a complete experiment because in some cases, the color I lay down ends up completely disappearing??!

Let’s take a look at the video so you can see how I made this.  You can head over to my youtube channel and watch it in HD by clicking HERE. And if you aren’t a subscriber, I’d love it if you would subscribe by clicking HERE. The exact supplies used are linked below! And I am over the moon excited that Ellen Hutson is now carrying the Catherine Pooler line!!! A match made in heaven I tell you.

A few close ups. It was fun experimenting with different color combinations! I will recreate the butterfly card from yesterday’s blog post as many of you wanted to see the colors I layered on  those butterflies (no heat embossing.) So I’ll be sure and add that to the top of my video list!

It was wild to see that red disappear! All the penny colored dots? Thats from using water! Good old H20!


Ok, last video for the week. You guys have got to be sick of me…… I’ll get back to my regular video schedule now… LOL!

Goodies used:

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  1. Daphne Norton says:

    I love the water embossing. Does it stay adhered to the paper or does it scrape off easily? Thanks for the new technique!

  2. Valerie Breingan says:

    Wow!,like Wow! I can’t even,,,embo emboswith water??? This is beautiful, I can’t believe it works.Thank you so much.

  3. That’s Beautiful!!! Strange what happened when you embossed those inks but really cool!!!

  4. Sandy Joe says:

    Hi Laurel,

    I love the card.

    Can you tell me what the card base was please?


  5. Marty Harris says:

    Well, I’m as amazed as you to learn you can emboss with water! I must go try…

  6. This card is beautiful. It makes me want those inks.

  7. lorraine turner says:

    Cool design Laurel, I now know I can emboss with water and heat emboss in between each layer of stamping with my pigment inks. Thank you Laurel, I love your type of crafting it is refreshing! :O)

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