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*Video: Gelatos Art Canvas inspired by Thrift Store Find

My 17 year old niece if a thrifter. She goes to thrift stores and finds some amazing things. I think she is addicted to thrifting. She showed me these pair of heels she bought and I laughed. For a few reasons. One, they are wild! Like for real. Second, she is a complete klutz so her walking around in heels? HAHAHAH! Cue the ambulance….🤪

BUT!!!!  What I also did see in these crazy heels are Gelatos! Yup!  So I made a canvas inspired by her shoes! Check out the video below to see it come to life.


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  1. Laurie Schlichter says:

    There’s a high heel stamp that I’ll use to recreate your niece’s shoes 👠

  2. Sharon Foulk says:

    I love the shoes and I love your ‘homage’ based on them! I saw your live video today, (Aug. 7th), introducing your new home…so glad you are back in action and looking forward to more videos! All the best to you and your family.

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