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Video: Color Burst technique and GIVEAWAY

Hi there everyone! If you follow me, you know I love the Ken Oliver Color Bursts! I think they are fantastic! I have dubbed them the powder with power! Even Ken has started referring to them as that at times! Why? Because they are so darn powerful. A tiny little itty bitty drop of powder and bam……. 🙂 I’ve been researching other ways to use the bursts and today I’ve got another video to share with you today along with a giveaway!!!! YUP! I’ve got the two colors I am using in today’s video to give away to one of you! Just leave me a comment on my youtube video, let Rafflecopter know you did (located at the end of this post) and you will be entered to win! Bonus entry if you leave me a comment here on my blog letting me know what you want to see from me in future posts/videos! EASY PEASY!

Alright! Today’s card!!!! You ready???? It may look pretty simple and ordinary at first glance:


But the kicker of this card is the texture achieved by combing the Color Burst with… wait for it…. SALT!!!!


See? A little bit cooler now isn’t it? SALT! We all have it in our kitchen! I just added some on and let it do its thing and I was amazed at the texture it left behind! I’ve got a video for you that shows you the entire process! Now, in complete honesty, I almost ditched this card (which you will see in the video)! The purple is very intense so I tried to use as little purple as possible, but that didn’t work out so well. It looked muddy and overpowering.. So I thought I ruined it but I kept working with it, adding water, moving the paper around to move the water, added more water, and so forth untiled I said to myself, WALK AWAY! And when I came back, and removed the salt from the cardstock. WOAH! It was so neat! And the little bit of yellow that remained? Gorgeous. It was like a glow of yellow. Just pretty!


I wanted most of the background to show so  I chose this outline stamped image and heat set it with some white embossing powder and then left this card sentiment free! I can stamp a message on the inside later when I’m ready to send it out.

ONTO THE VIDEO! You can watch the video by clicking HERE…..

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.22.03 AM

Another video I recommend is one that my dear friend Julie Ebersole filmed for Hello Monday where she used salt with the Gansai Watercolors! You can see that post/video by clicking HERE! I loved that card so much, I commented that I wanted it and she is so stinkin’ sweet because guess what arrived in the mail yesterday! UH HUH! That card! Swoon… Here it is… I know!


And remember… THE GIVEAWAY! Simply leave a comment over over in the video comments and come back here and let Rafflecopter know (at the end of the post) and you will automatically be entered to win. Bonus entry for leaving a comment here on my blog letting me know what you would like to see from me in the future (video ideas, techniques, etc). Winner will be announced in one week.


To purchase the Ken Oliver Color Bursts, click on any of these recommended store links: Blitsy, Ellen Hutson or Amazon.

Goodies used in today’s card:

Remember, after you comment, be sure to let Rafflecopter know:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Eileen Lucas says:

    Love the texture the salt gives with the color burst colors you used and the stamp was perfect.

  2. Sandy S. says:

    I’ve been using salt with watercolors for decades. I also love crumpled plastic wrap, used in the same way. You might want to try that with Colorbursts.

  3. Tracy Moloney says:

    WOW – what a COOL technique and FABULOUS card!!!
    It was FUN to watch the MAGIC happen with the colors and textures 🙂
    I confess that I haven’t used Color Burst or crafted with salt before and really enjoyed your video => I know it is more work, but I am hoping for more videos, please. I really appreciate being able to watch the action and listen to what is happening and learn why you are doing certain techniques or design decisions – I pause, rewind and watch them over so that I fully understand before I try it myself.
    THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE ADVENTURE today and for the chance to win too!!!

  4. D.Ann C says:

    Amazing how gorgeous it turned out!

  5. mjmarmo says:

    How fun! Those colors are amazing and I love what the salt does! I lvoe all you technique videos! They really help me understand new ideas and make it so I can try them!

  6. Deb V says:

    I just love getting you in my email box every day.I always learn something.
    Maybe would love to see some different shaped cards.

  7. Heather P. says:

    I’ve used salt before. It gives great texture. I’m a total technique junkie and can never get enough of them!

  8. I loved watching your video and watching what the salt did to your card. I also loved the stamped image. Just gorgeous!
    I would love to see how you use Prima watercolor pencils and more details on how to use the Copic Hex Chart. I have it but kind of confused on exactly how I am supposed to use it.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  9. Kara Stainbrook says:

    So beautiful! Who would have thought… Salt!!

  10. barb macaskill says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO! LOVELOVELOVE the Color Bursts!! They are magical and so fun to use!! They are so versatile and the colors make my heart sing! So glad there are 6 new colors!! Can’t wait to get them!
    I would love to see even more techniques using them. Any technique videos are welcome because I love learning new things or refreshing old techniques that I have forgotten about!
    Awesome card and TFS!

  11. Olga S. says:

    Love your techniques with watercolor media !!!!

  12. I would like to see videos on new products or techniques or different ways to fold cards or, well, just about anything!

  13. I love your work. This is a great barista card! Thank you for the video also. There are so many to choose from! I look forward to your future shares!

  14. Teresa A says:

    i have been wanting to try the color bursts ever since I saw the 1st video about them. I love the rich intense color. I have used the salt technique with dylusion sprays. It’s fun to watch the colors change. Thank you for a chance to win.

  15. Denise Bryant says:

    Very cool look with that effect from the salt! Gotta try that! The Color Bursts look like fun, and come in so many pretty colors too!

  16. Marty H says:

    Great ideas and helpful information for using this new wonder!

  17. Marty H says:

    I guess I was supposed to say something about future videos. I would love to see more on using stencils with this product and also new techniques for backgrounds of any sort. Thanks!

  18. Tracy S. says:

    I watch every video,…So I would like more videos please. Thanks you for sharing your creations.

  19. karenladd says:

    I love the look of the Color Bursts and all the different ways you can use them. Always love seeing new techniques and products, especially with ink and paper!

  20. Angie Hall says:

    Cool video, Laurel. I love how excited you get when you are crafting.

  21. Angie Hall says:

    I’d love it if you would do a video on the Zig clear brush markers. I have the 12 piece set but am a little shy about using them. Help.

  22. Beth K says:

    Hey Laurel, Wow! What more can I say? The card speaks for itself. What a sweet technique!! What you said about the yellow looking like a light shining through the purple….that is exactly how it looks! I love, love it, love it!!! BTW…Aren’t you the one who says NEVER throw anything away cuz you never know when you might be able to use something on another project???? Hmmmm……

  23. I like how the purple & yellow ended up coming out! I’d LOVE to get my hands on those Color Bursts! Nice video 🙂

  24. meghan says:

    I love the look of the Color Bursts and all the different ways you can use them. Always love seeing new techniques and products, especially with ink and paper!

  25. Heather Warner-Ferguson says:

    I think I need these little bursts of wonderful in my stash now 🙂 I love watching everything you create!!! So fun and such great inspiration

  26. I’ve been on the fence as to whether I really wanted to try the Color Bursts or not, but this video is pushing me in the direction of . . . yes! I particularly loved the effect with the salt. And that stamp? Gotta have it!

  27. Great card! Love the salt technique!

  28. Anita rhynes says:

    Great card. I’m new at this so anything you do is great.

  29. Wow, never seen a video about color burst, need to see more. Thank you

  30. Julie S. says:

    Keep these cards coming! How about a Color Burst video on how to use them on Christmas/Holiday cards.

  31. Laurel, anything you show is always enjoyable and interesting! 🙂 Background ideas are good to see, though.

  32. nancy says:

    Oh boy would I love to win these color bursts!!

  33. Erin C. says:

    I just love watching you continue to do what you do! Haha So I guess my recommendation for future videos is simply to just keep ’em coming!! Thanks for always inspiring (and entertaining), Laurel!!!

  34. Oh my goodness what a cool and fun technique! I have to get my hands on those color bursts! Love the colors on your card, and yes almost a glow, like you stated in your video! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Mary C. Farrington says:

    I need color bursts. Would love to see you do another card with the stacked image

  36. littlesavedgirl says:

    I would love color bursts Laurel ?, try kosher salt also makes bigger spots!

  37. Brittany Tucker says:

    Love your card. Thanks for sharing the color bursts.

  38. Maggie B says:

    Hi Laurel ~ Watching the “magic happen” using Color Burst powders was awesome!! I’ve never seen them used before and thoroughly enjoyed your video. Who knew that salt could make such an impressive difference in the look (and probably feel) of the card. Loved it…thanks for sharing.

  39. Would like to try them, not sure I want to make the investment. Maybe i’ll win!

  40. I love, love, love the effect you achieved and the purple looks awesome with the yellow. I would really like to try these. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

  41. duchick says:

    I learn best by visual demonstration, so videos are very helpful. You have the voice and personality that make it fun to watch!

  42. I’d love to see more about these colors! Is there a difference in these and other powdered watercolors?

  43. Danielle Near says:

    Love the vibrant colors. Tfs

  44. Cool video and project! I left a comment on your video page. Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist @

  45. Denise Bryant says:

    I’d love to see coloring tips! I love using watercolors and need some help to get great results!

  46. Dorothy B. says:

    Love this technique…I have never used the color burst pigments but am going to get some to play with…what fun

  47. Susan Theus says:

    I am so intrigued with these colors – what interesting background texture. Thanks for sharing

  48. maureenchandler says:

    What a great video – love the color bursts although I only have a couple — and would love to win those colors to add to my stash!! Thanks so much for showing all these special techniques and the salt turned out great!!

  49. I love ideas about techniques!

  50. Never seen anything like this! So cool!

  51. Sierra Tatum says:

    Anything with glitter!

  52. Brandy Duncan says:

    Love the technique Laurel. I would have never thought to use salt. Love your card as always. Thanks for sharing.

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