Heat Embossing Product Review

*Video: Brutus Monroe At Home Embossing Bar

I was thrilled when I realized that my favorite line of embossing powder offers a “Take Home Embossing Bar” kit.  Basically it’s a kit with a bunch of embossing powders that you can mix to create custom blends!  I immediately bought it!! The kit comes with 11 embossing powders, two mixing jars and 12 downloadable recipes!

They also have an embossing powder of the month club, that I immediately subscribed to. A brand new, never seen embossing powder shows up in your mailbox each month!  Click here to subscribe. Note I purchased all these items. I was not asked to make this video nor did I receive free product. I just am in love with these embossing powder.

Here is a video taking a closer look at the Take Home Embossing Bar kit and how you can create your own blends.   You can also watch it here on my youtube channel.

A few close ups.



Unicorn Sneeze:

Sunset (with Surface Ink sprayed over the top):

Goodies used:

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