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Video: Basic Alcohol Ink Techniques

I am soooo excited about this Alcohol Ink video series I am going to be doing. I have finally jumped on the Alcohol Ink bandwagon and am having a blast. I have been researching various techniques and tools and have a series in the works. Today, I have a video that shares the basic alcohol ink techniques used to create all 6 of these backgrounds using Alcohol Inks, Alcohol Blending solution and some things I had lying around the house.  All the exact colors I used  have linked to in the supply list below. I linked them in order of usage in the video but will also specify exact colors used under the photos.

Before I get into my backgrounds and video.

  • Work in a ventilated area when using alcohol inks (open windows, turn on fan)
  • Wear latex gloves
  • DO NOT SPRAY ALCOHOL INKS OR ALCOHOL BLENDING SOLUTION!! – It contains a solvent (resin) which is flammable! You CAN spray regular isopropyl alcohol (more on that in the video).
  • I found Yupo paper is the best paper to use when using alcohol inks.

Ok, lets take a look at the video and then I’ll recap below and share still shots of all the backgrounds! You can watch the video here on my blog or over on my youtube channel in HD! If you aren’t a subscriber, I’d love for you to be by clicking here!


I had so much fun playing around and I kept a few of my mistakes IN the video in hopes I could steer you away from making the same mistakes as me!


  • Heat Gun WILL work as long as you move it constantly and don’t leave it on the Yupo paper for too long. Don’t dry the entire panel. Just move some of the ink around to create those lines and then let the rest dry naturally.
  • Look around your house and see what you’ve got. I used a straw, dropper and medicine syringe.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is available everywhere and very inexpensive. I prefer that to the Alcohol Blending Solution.
  • Speaking of Alcohol Blending Solution, I use it only when I’m using a mixative as the blending solution contains resin and helps the mixatives move more freely.
  • Yupo paper IS the best paper for alcohol inks. Unfortunately, it is pricey so use it sparingly.
  • If you don’t like what you created, wipe it off with alcohol and start over or flip over the Yupo paper and use the other side.
  • Most of the time, once the panel dries you will fall in love with the results. It’s almost as if the uglier it is wet, the more beautiful it will be dry.
  • I work on a board so I can move the inks around by tilting the board.
  • Have a dedicated paint brush to use with alcohol inks.

Now let’s look at the photos (in order as they appear in the video):

Baja Blue, Amethyst, Rich Gold 

Technique: Brush, Droplets


Amethyst, Blanco White 

Technique: Straw Blowing


Mantilla Black

Technique: Mister


Sunbright Yellow, Senorita Magenta

Technique: Dropper / Heat Gun


Flamingo, Blanco White, Rich Gold

Technique: Alcohol Dump


Citrus Green, Sunshine Yellow, Watermelon, Silver Mixative

Technique: Mixative/Blending Solution

So there you have it. Some easy backgrounds created with Alcohol Inks. Notice I used a paint brush in some form on every background! Having a dedicated paint brush for alcohol inks is key… I’ve since labeled it so I don’t mix it up with my other brushes (even though I store it in a different area – you just never know with me)….

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a guest post for the Foiled Fox and will be using a background I created with an alcohol ink background (not shown here)…. No video on that one because I was trying out a technique, but now that I know it works, I’ll definitely film the process for my alcohol ink series!

Goodies used: (Yupo Paper and Silver Mixative kindly provided by The Foiled Fox)

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  1. LOVE your beautiful backgrounds! And I look forward to seeing you make them into cards.Thanks, Laurel!

  2. Sherri Thacker says:

    Oh I love how they all turned out!!! I need to get mine out and play again!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Leanne in Cali says:

    Thank you for your wonderful video and helpful tips and ideas! I have alcohol inks from years ago sitting on my shelf. Will need to try your ideas. Can’t wait to see the cards you create with these backgrounds!!

  4. Lorraine Turner says:

    Hi Laurel,

    I loved the video tutorial, I watched it twice because the first time I wasn’t really concentrating on what you were using but just watching the ink not the page. The second time I took in more information about how you created the patterns and what equipment you used. Thank you all 5 techniques look great to try. :O)

  5. Thank you so much. I have started learning and begun using mixatives and hair dryer. What I love is that you experiment without worrying. Looking forward to more tips.

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