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*Video: Adding Texture to backgrounds with ONE TOOL

Today, I have a video showing you how easy it is to add various textures to your card backgrounds with just one tool!!!! There are a few bloopers in the video that you will definitely want to see!   Let’s check out the video!

HAHA, what did you think of my bloopers????? One of my viewers suggested the one card looks like Max took a chunk out of the cake! I love that! Let’s roll with that idea… Totally intentional……. HAHA. But seriously, that mica mist on that black cardstock? Holy crud. ALL the supplies are linked at the bottom of this post!

Another way to use the scoring board is to strategically place your  score lines  so you can use those tiny stamps that come in your stamp sets that you don’t really know what to do with… Just sayin’.

Scoring around a image really draws the eye to that image… Especially works wonders with clean and simple cards. And seriously, how adorable is this hedgehog?!?

Adding ink over scored lines really packs a punch! Adds dimension and texture and really makes for a fun background!!!

What if you don’t own a scoring board?

Have no fear! If you have a paper trimmer, you can use the indented area of the score board (where the blade would cut thru the paper) and use that and your stylus. OR, you can use a straight edge ruler and your stylus tool.. The scoring board is certainly easier, but those other options will work too with more effort.

Which card is your favorite? Do you own a score board?   Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Christine says:

    Good ideas. I’m glad you left the black one in as it’s very pretty. Love that bird one too.

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