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*Video: 5 ways to use Nuvo Expanding Mousse

It’s no secret I love to add texture to my projects and Nuvo Expanding Mousse gives me the ability to use a variety of easy techniques to achieve unique textures! Today’s video features 5 different ways you can use the Expanding Mousse.

The techniques, the happy accidents, the custom colors, the texture… I truly adore this expanding mousse. If you were to buy one start out just to see if you’d like it, I would recommend the Old Linen (as it is white based and can be tinted easily to create custom colors).

Here is a look at the still photos from all the projects made in the video! Be sure to watch the video to see the techniques used! And if I did it, you know it’s simple!!! LOL!!!

Goodies used (Affiliate links used at no cost to you):

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  1. This is such a great inspiration – so many wonderful ideas. My one question is, when you add a heat-embossed sentiment onto one of the background, what keeps the background from expanding in that location?

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