Vacation is such bliss

My parents own a cabin in Northern Georgia, just north of the Blue Ridge moutains. I love going up there….. It is so peaceful and there is so much to do. This trip we were able to get my two nieces one a time. We had my youngest niece the first few days and my old niece the last few days. It was so much fun watching my son play with his cousins… The only missing part was we weren’t able to spend any time with my little nephew, but next time Matthew! I promise. We ventured to the park at the lake, the beach, Vogel State Park, hiked to a waterfall, watched some white water rafting went to an awesome aquarium in Tennessee that had a butterfly garden and so much more…. So many memories! The only thing I longed for was my computer! I was able to keep on contact with reality thanks to my Iphone though, so I am a pretty lucky gal. Here are a few pictures of our trip!

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