Urban Outfitters is a flop

My siser in law requested a gift card from this place. Never been in it before. When I walked in, the employees looked a little off. Piercings, colored hair, mohawks. But to each their own. I purchased the gift card and on my wait out I saw two things that almost knocked me off my feet.  Mind you, young people go in this store. I was in this store with my son, who thank the lord can’t read. A plate that said “Eat *&(*” and then another plate that said “Merry &^*&^Y*^ Christmas”. Huge letters, scattered all over the store for anyone to see.  I wish I had seen it on the way IN because I would not have purchased a gift card from there. Of course, they wouldnt’ let me return it.  I will never step foot back into that store. How can that kind of advertisement even be legal? It shouldn’t be. Shame on them. Shame on people that shop there and condone that type of store.

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