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Update: Party Collection – A brand new Ink Line

Hi there! I am here today real quickly to make sure you didn’t miss the announcement from Catherine Pooler!!!!! She is debuting a brand new INK LINE!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!! You can read her blog post about it by clicking HERE! The inks will be available for purchase in January in her store BUT you could get your hands on them much earlier. Stay tuned.

The colors are fantastic! I have had an opportunity to play with the new inks and they are amazing! I know people say that all the time about new ink lines, but I am so serious! Like, my face – if you could see me. I am very serious when I say these inks are bombdigady!  A few things I noticed right away:

  • Colors are vibrant and stamp completely solid
  • You can heat emboss with these inks if you move quickly
  • You can watercolor with the inks
  • The black (Midnight) is alcohol marker friendly and waterproof
  • You can do some great ink blending with the inks
  • And my favorite – they react well with water so that means I can do my favorite –  water flicking!!!!

The collection is called the Party Collection and the inks are vibrant and rich and they stamp SMOOTH! Just one or two little “love taps” as I call it is all you need to do to get a good, vibrant, SOLID stamped image. Catherine has shared 5 of the ink colors from the Party Collection line (which will have 13 colors in total).






Catherine has a very informative video about the inks! You can watch it by clicking HERE! And if you haven’t watched her goofy/cute/adorable/so Catherine video teasing about what was coming, check it out by clicking HERE! It’s hilarious!   I’ll have a few projects to share showcasing the inks very soon!!! 🙂

That’s all for now. On a totally different note, I received my Nespresso Machine today but it didn’t come with the coffee cups so I’ll have to wait to try that out. What I did do today was study youtube videos on latte art to try and make designs in my coffee with foamed milk. Complete and utter fail so far, lol!!!!!

See you soon!

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  1. Amy McCue says:

    Latte art is a special skill!! Shouldn’t your nespresso machine come with at least a starter sample pack? That is so weird!!

    1. Yes it should have but it was left out of the box! I contacted Amazon and they gave me a very gracious “discount”. My nespresso order arrives in a few days so I will just have to impatiently wait until then! LOL! I will continue to unsuccessfully practice latte art.

  2. I can hardly wait to get my inky hands on these new inks, Laurel! Catherine has a top quality line goin’ on here! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am super excited about them!!!!

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