Tires, Tires and Tires – Oh my

Who would have thought that buying tires was going to be so hard. Did a lot of research and found that Costco was the cheapest place. Called, they told me what tires I could get and to come in and order. Arrange a ride, go to Costco, and naturally, they won’t sell me the tires. Something about the rating of the tire and the speed and bla bla bla. They tell me to call the dealership to find out what kind of tires they would put on my car. Of course, it was the exact same tire Costco wouldn’t sell me. I call Costco back, tell them and they tell me that my dealership is wrong. They are trying to sell me the wrong tires. Whatever. Hung up. Called Tire Kingdom. Talked to a wonderful man by the name of Ransom. Yes, that is his name. Won’t forget it. For the third time that day, the tires they recommend were the same tires Costco wouldn’t sell me. So according to Costco, the three random, unrelated places that I called (including my dealership) all told me the wrong tires. It turned out to be great for me, because I haggled myself a great deal including free road side assistance, balancing and tire rotation for the life of my tires. Ended up spending $15o less than what I would have paid at Costco….

Anyway, I was able to squeeze in some crafting time for myself today. Made another one of Lauren Meader’s fabulous Timeless Templates, From the Desk of…. Made it to match the room I am currently decorating that will soon be my office…. The walls are a beautiful green. I have this fabulous off white computer armoir. And so far, that is it…..  This is an entire other story all together so I won’t go into much detail. Need a set of matching chairs with arms that aren’t big but aren’t girly and that don’t cost a lot! The chairs I found yesterday were $1,000 each. I don’t think so….. Suggestions on places to shop welcome!

DSC_0047   DSC_0044

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