So, my son was standing up in the bathtub today and he started to go to the bathroom. He was fascinated with the “flow” and just watched. When he was done, he looked up at me all sad and said “it stuck, it stuck”. You see, my son LOVES water and he loves the water faucets and hoses.  He loves to put his hands under the streams of water! He knows how to turn the water off and on at the sink. So, when he was using the restroom, in his mind, it was like a faucet. So when it stopped coming out, he thought the faucet was stuck. How cute!

 He also was wandering around the house saying, “mommy, are you?” – “Mommy, where are you?”

 And my son loves steps! So, every time he sees a step, he says Step MMMMMMM – Not sure why he always put the MMM at the end of step, but it is priceless.

So many things I need to get on video these days.

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