Taylored Expressions #92


I may, just MAY, be done with making my Christmas cards… YIPPEE! I addressed a bunch of envelopes today and in a while, I am going to do a count to see if I have enough cards to go inside! I am receiving the photo disk from our professional photo shoot tomorrow so I can choose the picture that is going to go inside all the cards. After I stamp the sentiments in the inside and sign our names, they will be all set to go! I decided to do my (hopefully) last card using the Taylored Inspiration Sketch challenge! Instead of using different DP, I used the same cute Santa DP and just separated it with a piece of twine…. Love incorporating buttons into my cards. Can’t you tell? 95 of all the cards I have shared recently have buttons on them!! 🙂 Click on the picture to enlarge (and also to see all the imperfections, ha ha ha).

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  1. I love all your Christmas cards Laurel! Awesome for you to be finished your cards. I’ve made one so far! Only about 40 more to go! I like to make all of them different because I have so many Christmas supplies, but I always run out of time. 🙂

    1. Thanks sue. So far all of my cards have been different and that has been quite a challenge. Some I did I really like and others I want to toss in the garbage!!

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