Stylish Blogger Award

How surprised was I to find out that I received the Stylish Blogger Award from the fabulous Lynnette! Thanks so much for the award. I have so enjoyed getting to know her these past few months and no better person to go on a blogging adventure with than Lynnette! Because of her, I had the courage to start the Lawnscaping Challenge site.

This is such a fun award because you get to learn more about your blogging buddies. Here’s the scoop, on what the recipients need to do:

  1. Link and thank the person who gave this to you
  2. Share 8 things about yourself
  3. Pass along to 8 fellow bloggers

So, here we go. 8 things about me:

  1. I am afraid of heights, but ironically married a pilot who has no fear.
  2. I am a HUGE worry wart. I wish I could just stop! It is annoying to worry all the time!
  3. I love boots. I own 9 pairs of boots (half of which I purchased off of Ebay).
  4. I can’t stand feet. I have a foot fetish! They gross me out… I don’t even like to get a pedicure. Strange, I know.
  5. I LOVE playing video games with my son. Super Hero games, Epic Mickey – Yea, I am a dork. What can I say….
  6. I love the Harry Potter and X-Men series movies… I read all of the Harry Potter books. The last one that was like 900 pages I read in two days….
  7. I prefer online shopping to actual shopping in store. 99% of Christmas was purchased off of Amazon.
  8. I don’t enjoy exercising. I wish I did because I know I need to do, but I don’t like it so I don’t do it… Gyms are gross!
  9. Had to throw in one more extra – I think diets were invented by the devil!

In no particular order, the people I’m passing along to (If you’ve tagged before or do not have time to join in, no biggie):

Ayana – One of the first crafters I met thru Twitter. A fellow Florida gal I hope to meet in person some day!

Kim Wilson – Founder of Wilson Designs and Off the Wall Craftiness challenge blog. She is super sweet and I have enjoyed our early morning facebook chats (she seems to be going to sleep when I am waking up)

Gretchen –  My techy friend who has helped me in countless ways with my blog and techy questions… The queen of pop up cards!

Terri – Such a sweet fellow crafter that I have loved getting to know. The queen of templates…. I love her style and her templates. Any time I have a question, she goes out of her way to answer me as best as possible!

Britta –  Super  talented girl and fellow enabler. She and I have placed countless Simon Says Stamp orders over the past few weeks! I am lucky to have her on the Lawnscaping Design Team!

Jinny – SUPER crafty girl who makes some amazing stuff! She and I bonded the last few days and I think I have convinced her to take some of her posts down, email me the pics of her amazing projects and then I will post them pretending I made  them!!! HA

Play along if you want to. You don’t have to be tagged. Better yet, consider everyone who reads my blog tagged so if you want to play, go for it!!!!


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  1. Aww, yay! Thanks for tagging me. 🙂
    I hope we get to “meet” some day too.
    We’ll figure out a trip hopefully soon. LoL
    I thought I was the only Floridian with an excessive BOOT collection! Haha… I have eleven pairs! LOL… The only part that makes you and I crazy, is the fact that we live in FLORIDA!!! Hahaha… My family always makes fun of me for having such a large “winter-wardrobe” in a state that doesn’t even get snow! LoL… Oh well… I’m glad to know i’m not alone. 🙂

  2. Thanks for tagging me and all the sweet things you said about me too.

  3. Awww, Laurel! You’re such a sweetie! Thanks! We HAVE bonded over the last few days ;). I’m a HUGE proponent of online shopping and, totally, agree with you on the diets thing, too ;). So funny, but I, actually, gave this award to Lynette. Ha! Check it out… http://jinnynewlin.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2011-01-05T09%3A40%3A00-06%3A00&max-results=7, and thanks, again!

  4. How fun! It was nice getting to know the insider info on you! :o)

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