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Stamp of Approval Beautiful World Collection BLOG HOP with GIVEAWAY

Laurel 9092

It’s blog hop day!!!!!!! Stamp of Approval Beautiful World Blog Hop day that is!!!!!

For my card today, I am using… Wait for… Drum Roll!  The very first stamp set from the Catherine Pooler Designs line! Yup! Catherine is launching her own line!  Geobuilders is an awesome background building set! When I saw the rest of the design team projects using this set, I was blown away!!!!   Isn’t that exciting?????? I colored in the images with my Inktense watercolor pencils.  I also used a few images and dies from the Enchanted Garden stamp and die set and colored those images in with Copics.




Two lucky winners will win a collection! That’s right! TWO!!!! To enter, you must leave a comment on each one of the hoppers blog posts! That’s it!

This next collection will be available for sale to the public on April 20th! To purchase, you just need to sign up for the wait list. You will be emailed the moment the collection goes on sale!   Stamp of Approval collections are not kits and there is no subscription involved.  A new collection will be released quarterly and you can choose whether or not you’re interested in that quarter’s box.   Not only do these products work fabulously together but they’ll also work incredibly well with supplies you already own.

Goodies used:

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  1. Kathy Serrahn says:

    awesome card

  2. Lisa K says:

    Great card! I really like that you used Inktense Pencils and Copic markers.

  3. Just LOVELY my friend! 🙂 🙂

  4. Your card reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. So cute!

  5. Bianca Rebel says:

    What a great colored card, beautiful!

  6. Jayne says:

    Such a fun card and using Catherine’s geobuilders design. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait for this SOA collection to be available…..on countdown. Happy day.

  7. Elyse Brown says:

    Nice card idea coloring inside the diamonds

  8. Ruth Ann Smith says:

    What a super bright, cheery card. Anyone would be smiling to get that in their mail. Makes for a happy day.

  9. Wow, what a great design….love your color choices!

  10. Shirley says:

    Your card is so beautiful. Love the geometric stamp set.

  11. Such a fun colorful card. Beautiful layout

  12. nurse6b says:

    Beautiful card Laurel!!

  13. Linda Gorman says:

    I love your colorful card!!! This SOA Box is amazing!!!

  14. ssonnier2015 says:

    Just a beautiful card. Love that stamp set.

  15. Cool look you achieved with the inktense pencils and GeoBuilder set!

  16. Tara Powell says:

    So cool! This is so colorful!

  17. Its so cool to see how you all use the same supplies and come up with so many different cards, beautiful.

  18. Cute card, Laurel! I can’t wait to get my hands on this Geobuilders stamp set!

  19. Penelope says:

    i wouldn’t have thought to use colored pencils. Fun idea!

  20. Nicole says:

    Love the Geobuilders set, cant wait to use it!!!!

  21. lovely card project! Great used of color pencils

  22. Ruth Aubertine says:

    Great Card! Loving this stamp set!

  23. Linda gagne says:

    Love the pattern!

  24. Ellen C says:

    Really nice card Laurel.

  25. Barbara Swavely says:

    Great geo shapes!

  26. Great design for those geobuilders!

  27. Taasha B says:

    I loved that set when I saw Catherine use it; I love this card too. Can’t wait to play with this one.

  28. Great card Laurel!

  29. Sandy says:

    So much fun. Love it.

  30. JanieT says:

    Fun card. Awesome colors.

  31. Shows how bright colours and geometric design and curvy flowers can all come together in a great card.

  32. Denise Sayers says:

    It shows how versatile the stamp is, as everyone has a different take on it. Nice job.

  33. Nancy R says:

    Love your use of the geobuilders with varied colors. Looks fun and vibrant, and really pops against the black background!

  34. Beautiful – I love the colors you used.

  35. Alicia Lutman says:

    Great card. I always look forward to your cards, Laurel.

  36. Sherry Ross says:

    Beautiful watercoloring idea with this stamp set. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.

  37. Awesome card! Love all the possibilities this set has. So excited!

  38. I love the color on those diamonds! This is one of my favorite stamps in the collection, I think. I keep seeing it and thinking argyle 🙂

  39. Cassie says:

    What a fun card you made!!! So excited for more to come

  40. Very happy, colorful card!

  41. Heike says:

    Awesome Cards.

  42. I love that you used inktense pencils! I just bought mine about a month ago and am just really starting to play with them, I love them already!

    1. I seem to always forget about my Inktense pencils!!!!

  43. Laura Casselman says:

    You are truly an artist, Laurel. I”ve been following you for a while and you never disappoint.

    1. Awe, you are so sweet to say that! Thank you so very much!

  44. Mardi Weber says:

    The Geobuilder set looks like so much fun. And you made me want to get out my Inktense pencils. I haven’t used them in ages! Great card!

  45. Linda M says:

    Great card! Love the geobuilders set–so many possibilities with it!

  46. Sheryl Peavy says:

    Love the bright colors and geometric designs with the added touch of the flower. Great card

  47. Janice Morgan says:

    Love this card!

  48. Love your card!

  49. Eileen Mikos says:

    Love the pattern!

  50. Carol says:

    Fun background with use of vibrant colours. So creative!

  51. Joy Tindel says:

    So cute. Such imagination.

  52. I like yet another way to use the diamond stamp.

  53. NCDonna says:

    Beautiful card! Thanks for sharing!

  54. Katryna G. says:

    Simply beautiful!

  55. Cute card.

  56. Becky says:

    Very nice card. Thanks for sharing.

  57. cr8tvblessings says:

    Fun card, Laurel!

  58. Jane Sprando says:

    Really dynamic!

  59. KathyKienstra says:

    Great design using this collection.

  60. Thank you for sharing your fabulous card and for the wonderful inspiration!

  61. Brenda Aplin says:

    Love these geo shapes. Really like how this is so soft looking. Thanks for the idea Laurel.

  62. Kenyetta sharpe says:

    Great card love the colors

  63. Nice combination of geometric patterns with florals.

  64. Laurel, your card is so cool, love all the colors. It’s stunning, TFS

  65. Erm Sandberg says:

    I love the colors in your card, and the addition of the flowers.

  66. Kirsten B in Mn says:

    Your stamping is awesome! Can’t wait!

  67. Deb Luther says:

    Red leaves?! Love it!

  68. Such a fun card!

  69. terrie rodrigue says:

    Love the card and the bright colors…especially that lone flower….well done

  70. Dear Laurel, another amazing card! I really appreciate your layout of the flowers and the background. Stunning!

    1. Thank you so much Mike!!!

  71. Constance says:


  72. harrietskelly says:

    What a great background! I can see so many ways to create unique backgrounds with the geobuilder set!

  73. I love how the black really sets off the card. Beautiful work.

  74. Your card blows me away also Laurel what a great job. Loving all the stamps in this collection.

  75. mary nelson says:

    Wow, such a cool look, Laurel! I like that you left the sentiment off and made your background the star of the show!! Thanks for sharing it!

  76. Ruth G says:

    Fun and colorful!

  77. What a fun geometric background, Laurel, it is beautiful!

  78. Diana Scott says:

    Love the colors! Very unique card. Thanks for sharing!

  79. Becky Thomson says:

    Love the geo builders by Catherine. Can’t wait use mine when it come. And such a great card and technique. Love your design.

  80. Love the colors and the way you used them.

  81. Maureen Reiss says:

    Really Awesome card!!! Love the colors!!!

  82. Oliev says:

    Gorgeous card!

  83. Verna Angerhofer says:

    I love that background design. Perfect for cards for any gender.

  84. Kim Strating says:

    Happy card! This SOA collection looks so versatile.

  85. I like using the watercolor pencils. I forget to use them.

  86. Margaret Dills says:

    Love your card, very creative.

  87. Joy Blonska says:

    Oh, so bright, bold and beautiful!

  88. Cathy Montoya says:

    Beautiful card, Love the colors. I follow your work so I like all your videos,and all your beautiful cards.

    1. Thank you so much!

  89. A harlequin card.. viry nice

  90. AJ Bodine says:

    Beautiful design!

  91. Denise Bryant says:

    Fun card with lovely coloring!

  92. Chris says:

    What a fun card!

  93. Kim Botello says:

    Awesome card. You can see you had a lot of fun coloring & creating this card. Love it. I can’t wait to get my hands on the collection.

  94. Kathryn T says:

    Very colorful

  95. Michelle King says:

    So pretty! Would be awesome to win the box that releases on my birthday! ?

  96. S Blaser says:

    Great use of the GeoBuilders stamps… thanks for the list of products used

  97. Cristina says:

    So fun!

  98. Viola says:

    bright and beautiful!

  99. Looks like stained glass window to me. Beautiful card, thanks for sharing.

  100. JoAnne Ferguson says:

    WOW. Beautiful, like stained glass.

  101. Love the geometric look!

  102. Nana Griffin says:

    A great use of colored pencils on this card.

  103. Christa Potgieter says:

    Awesome card???

  104. This card is beautiful Laurel! The coloring is so unique and artsy. I looks like it belongs in an art gallery. Love it!

  105. clare says:

    Oh such a beautiful card and I love how you always inspire me with different techniques.
    Thanks for sharing.

  106. Donna Hawkins says:

    Wonderful design and colors! Love your cards!

  107. Great Card!

  108. Craftygirl says:

    Very cool design. The more I see of the GeoBuilders set, the more excited I get. Thanks for sharing.

  109. Melody Moore says:

    Pretty card! Love the sparkly layer you used! I really can’t wait to play with that geobuilders stamp set!

  110. Interesting use of color and texture.

  111. Karen C says:

    Geometric. I always have a hard time with this type of stamp..you did a great job, nice card

  112. Leuri Zibetti says:

    I wondered how I would use the stamps Catherine designed, what a clever idea!

  113. Great color and those geo shapes create the best designs.

  114. Liz McAllister says:

    That geometric stamp set seems so versatile!

  115. Beth Lyons says:

    Lovely card! I love your colors and the watercolor look.

  116. Amy Seigler says:

    Love the colors in your card! Great Stamp set from Catherine Pooler Designs!!!

  117. Very fun!! Love the colors and that diamond is a great background!!

  118. I love your geometric background!

  119. Vicki Smith says:

    Beautiful…so inspiring!

  120. Sharon Nesvog says:

    Great card Laurel!!! I love how you used that diamond shape! Have seen so many different positions for using this stamp….and can’t wait to get started with my own!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I too was blown away by the different designs the designers created!

  121. Wow. That is beautiful. Colors are stunning.

  122. Mary H. says:

    This stamp is so versatile…I am imagining all the cards I’ll make for my artsy friends and the men in my life! So inspirational!

  123. Brenda Gentry says:

    Love the colors!!!

  124. The design is stunning. Thumbs up to You and Catherine. Thanks for sharing.

  125. Debra Young says:

    Cool colors reminds me of a stained glass window. Love this Geo stamp set can’t wait to order mine.

  126. Carla Hundley says:

    Your card is so neat
    to look at! Lovely colors.
    Carla from Utah

  127. pamattson says:

    Very cute card! Love that stamp!

  128. kim1955 says:

    I love the black background. I’d have to work at lining these up, i’ll tell you….. I’m new to the wait list so i’m excited about the possibility of winning!

  129. I love the geometric in black with all the colors. My hubby likes it a lot! 🙂

  130. Wendy Kasper says:

    Geobuilders with hearts AWESOME!!!

  131. BunnyD says:

    Great mix of designs. What a great set of stamps in the kit.

  132. Kim Salmela says:

    Wonderful, colorful card!

  133. Cyndy Rogers says:

    LOVE the energy of this card! It’s all about color and geometry. Wonderful!

  134. Peggy Pride says:

    What a lovely unique card!

  135. I absolutely love the geobuilders set. The entire collection is great. Your card is really cool. Great job:)

  136. Tabitha Anderson says:

    I like the coloring you have done. I am not quite brave enough to color in my stamped images, but yours look lovely!

  137. Great card and great colors I always love seeing all of the cards that come out of the same supplies… creativity is a beautiful thing,

  138. Sue H says:

    Great card. I like your color choices.

  139. Chrystyna says:

    Laurel, love how you used the geometric stamp. Lovely card. Thanks for sharing.

  140. Sue D says:

    Very pretty and colorful design!

  141. Beautiful card!

  142. I love how the stamps in the SOA box work together. Your card is wonderful.

  143. Cheryl Hewak says:

    Very striking card – shows well on black.

  144. Sheila says:

    Such a colourful card! love it!

  145. Jo Ann Usey says:

    Great use of the Geobuilder set, pairing with the little florals looks really terrific! Thank you for the chance to win THIS Amazing Kit!

  146. Colleen Pepper says:

    So colorful and fun. I love the diamond shapes.

  147. Colleen Balija says:

    You’re card is so unique and colorful, Laurel. I love those geo shapes.

  148. Lovely! I love this collection!!

  149. A very striking and colorful card.

  150. Karen says:

    Love the geometrics

  151. Carol Drumwright says:

    Amazing how versatile the geo stamps are! Love the colors.

  152. Joanne says:

    Well done… !!!!!!

  153. Deb Kerns says:

    Very creative and boldly beautiful!

  154. Fun colors has a very artsy fun feel to it

  155. Love your colors!

  156. Carole says:

    Such a bright and colorful card and a fantastic SOA Box!

  157. shona16 says:

    Another winning design Laurel. Combining geometrics with a floral provides contrast and beautiful colors. Thanks.

  158. Fantastic card. Can’t wait for SOA box.

  159. So beautiful and colourful… amazing card

  160. Sue R says:

    Great idea for that stamp!

  161. Cheryl says:

    What a wonderful design idea.

  162. Leanne S says:

    So beautiful!!

  163. always a beautiful card!

  164. Sharon Eggleton says:

    Fantastic card. Love the Catherine Pooler stamp.

  165. I love all the uses of the Geobuilders stamp set, and yours Laurel, are extremely creative. The colors are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  166. I love how colorful this card is and how you used the geobuilder set!

  167. Martha Miller says:

    Very pretty. Love Catherine’s new geo stamps.

  168. Dawn Westover says:

    Love the bright colors.

  169. Carolyn S says:

    The new stamp set is wonderfully and you made great use of it

  170. Ily Rivera says:

    What an absolutely stunning card!

  171. stampkitty says:

    Love how the leaves look like little hearts

  172. Jane Sirak says:

    Great cards! Those intense colors are so beautiful!

  173. really great card, and use of these stamps

  174. WOW…what a cool look

  175. Nancy says:

    How unique! Love your use of colour and dimension…..

  176. Sandy Berghuis says:

    What a beautiful card! Would love to win this SOA box!

  177. Lady Fair says:

    Such a beautiful card, love the bright colors.

  178. Melissa McGuire says:

    You have a different take with this stamp set. I love seeing something different !

  179. Ann Gibbins says:

    Thanks Laurel for sharing this card. How versatile is the geo set. Well done Katherine. Love your card Laurel.

  180. Lynn G. says:

    Beautiful card Laurel . I love this stamp set and your colour combo to showcase it is awesome . TFS

  181. Jackie says:

    Thanks for such a vibrant card with a twist of flower fun.

  182. Jennifer K says:

    Your card is gorgeous!

  183. Sally Chatelain-Rovelstad says:

    Great card! Never thought to use my Inktense pencils! Thanks!

  184. Love how all those fun colors pop against the black!

  185. Lynnette Hallbick says:

    how fun, all the color makes me happy,

  186. Susan King says:

    This geobuilders will be great for all seasons and the creations are endless! Thank you!

  187. Alta Olden says:

    So Bold and Beautiful!

  188. Sue Smith says:

    Colorful card, which are always my favorite 🙂

  189. Charity Chamberlain says:

    These geobuilders stamps are awesome! I love your vibrant and pretty card!

  190. Fabulous collection so versatile. Love the cards you are creating with it.

  191. KatieP says:

    More fun uses with the Geobuilder.

  192. i agree with a comment, it reminds me of Alice and wonderland also, very cool.. Thank you

  193. Very striking and stunning card!!!!

  194. So fun and cute card…love all the coloring…TFS!!

  195. How fun is the card and the stamp set. Kudos to CP for an awesome set!

  196. Heather Sommer says:

    I can’t wait for SOA. This will be my first box. I just hope I’m able to get one before they sell out.

  197. Love the bright bold colors you used and the geobuilders stamps are so versatile! Love it!

  198. Marlene O'Grady says:

    very nice!

  199. Love the graphic background. great job

  200. What a fantastic combination of geometric and floral!

  201. There’s that geobuilders stamp again….lovin’ it

  202. Lindsay weber says:

    Awesome card, thanks for sharing!

  203. Sue Ivings says:

    What a colourful fun card Laurel.

  204. The Inktense coloring is great, such a bright card!

  205. Cheri Patterson says:

    Laurel your card is beautiful. I love that diamond stamp, very pretty!

  206. Sharon Tate says:

    Laurel this card is lovely and the colours are fab.

  207. Paula Fuller says:

    A great, colorful card. I love how interchangeable these stamp sets are.

  208. Crissy says:

    Love the colors!

  209. Michelle Daigle says:

    Gorgeous card! I’m such a fan of SOA. This collection is so unique. I’m loving it!

  210. Leslie says:

    LAURAL, this is a beautiful care. I can’t wait to get my box….

  211. Bethany Koubsky says:

    Love the stained glass window look! So pretty

  212. Elise S. says:

    This is so fun and modern! The bright colors really pop against the black. I love the addition of the glitter 🙂

  213. Zelda says:

    Such a colorful and vibrant card!

  214. Samantha says:

    Simply gorgeous

  215. Susan Potter says:

    The use of colors and design make this card a real knock out!

  216. That is awesome! The Geobuilder’s set is going to be the most fun set to play with!

  217. Linda Rauch says:

    Love the design. Gorgeous card.

  218. Beautiful card! I’m loving seeing what everyone makes with the stamps!

  219. Amazing design, love it!

  220. Angie Hall says:

    The diamond stamp can be used so many ways. I like your choice of it for the background.Thanks

  221. Laurie says:

    Love the harlequin look you created for the background!! It really sets off the flower!

  222. Angelika Sch. says:

    I like these geometric pattern.

  223. Love the stained glass effect of the simple diamond pattern colored in all the pretty bright colors! That set has soooooo many possiblities 🙂

  224. Kim Goodmanson says:

    Great idea, very nice card!

  225. What a great card Laurel!

  226. Ann Greene says:

    This is an unexpected delight. Love all the color. Great card.

  227. Edie Marks says:

    Very interesting combination of coloring techniques – and it all works.

  228. Carrie kessler says:

    Lovely! Nice colors!

  229. Patricia Swagler says:

    Love your card! I love the colors you used and I am loving that Geobuilders stamp set. Thank you for sharing.

  230. Janice Hilton says:

    There hasn’t been a card you’ve made so far that I haven’t fallen in love with. The colours are staggeringly beautiful. Thank you so, so much for your talent offerings.

  231. Pat W. says:

    Beautiful card, Laurel. I love the colors that you used.

  232. Tasha J says:

    The black background and fun colors looks awsome! Really creative card. 🙂

  233. Sue Bouch says:

    Fun, colorful card… I’ll have to get my inktense pencils out when I get this kit! Thanks!

  234. Sandra Kersting says:

    Diamonds are a girls best friend!

  235. Beautiful colorful card, love the Inktense pencil coloring!

  236. Lovely card! Love the geometric stamps and all the possibilities!

  237. Terri says:

    This card makes me want to pull out my inktense pencils and get coloring. You always put such a fun, colorful spin on your cards. Love it!!

  238. Jennifer Delauter says:

    This is a very colorful background!! I really like how it looks with the flower and leaves

  239. Linda Levan says:

    Fantastic card!!!

  240. Joan Van Leeuwen says:

    Love the background. Fantastic

  241. Mary L Schreiber says:

    Stunning card.

  242. Patricia Benger says:

    Great colors using watercolor pencils!

  243. Gladys says:

    Great card!

  244. Michele says:

    great card! I love my Inktense pencils

  245. Claudia Lawlet says:

    Just love the colors! It is so vibrant & colorful. It amazes me how everyone has such a different take on the materials!

    Thanks for sharing your work!

    Claudia 🙂

  246. Teresa Rawnick says:

    Great card. Love that new Geo Builders set. I can’t wait for tomorrow.
    Teresa Rawnick

  247. Beautiful!! :0)

  248. susan.w says:

    The anticipation is building! SOA Beautiful World is full of exciting elements. Thanks Laurel for showing how to combine geometric shapes and floral!!!

  249. valerieserfozo says:

    Love all the beautiful colors!

  250. Another cool mixture of geometric and floral. Great to see all the different design approaches.

  251. Juanita Wong says:

    Love the stained glass look. Great background.

  252. linda says:

    very pretty looks like stained glass

  253. LindseyF says:

    I like the background for some children’s cards I needed inspiration for.

  254. Gayle Chrvala says:

    Awesome background with gorgeous colors.

  255. Linda says:

    Wow this card is great. Great colours and stamp combo. Loving the geo stamps

  256. Wonderful colors on the geo patterns.

  257. Kathy Czygan says:

    Hi Laurel! Such a beautiful card! I love all the colors you used on this amazing background you’ve created! So sweet the way the little heart shaped leaves cascade down. Thank you for sharing your creative talent!

  258. Kimberly Sanders says:

    I never would have known this was done with watercolor pencils. I am going to have to try this. Love the look!

  259. Mary Laffin says:

    Beautiful card. the watercolor look is wonderful here

  260. Barbara says:

    Lovely card. Watercolors are beautiful.

  261. Marjorie King says:

    Thanks for taking time to share. Love

  262. Erin M says:

    So excited for Catherine and this stamp set!

  263. This is different from any stamps I have. Very nice.

  264. Awesome use of that stamp. Can’t wait to get mine!

  265. Laura manning says:

    Ohhh! So different than the others. Very nice.

  266. Jill A says:

    Love the bright colors!!!!!!!!!!

  267. Barbara Parker-Sanders says:

    Beautiful, I love this!

  268. Geo Stamps…what a brilliant idea! I really liked that you colored in the diamonds …that really has me thinking of endless possibilities!

  269. Fabulous card!!

  270. Veronica Hunt says:

    Love the colors. They really pop

  271. Christy Borfitz says:

    Beautiful card!

  272. Cati Ballard says:

    Beautiful card! I get so excited everytime you share one of your creations! You inspire me greatly!

  273. Loretta Rathert says:

    Digging that funky design….would make cool socks!

  274. Really adorable card! Love the colors

  275. Cheryl Jones says:

    I can’t wait to get these stamp sets. So many possibilities.

  276. Karen Kreider says:

    Love the use if the geometric stamps! And the coloring!

  277. Hey Laurel, cool, really cool card, thanks for sharing techniques

  278. Diana says:

    I like the pops of color!

  279. karenladd says:

    Love love love the Geo Builders set! Being able to build on each image and having all that versatility makes it tops in my mind.

  280. Jo McClain says:

    The watercolor pencils were a great choice for this card. So beautiful and bold!

  281. Kathy says:

    Loving the geo builders stamp set!!!

  282. Ann Celino says:

    Such a cheerful card!

  283. Dawn Belke says:

    So colorful. This is such a happy card!?

  284. Ashlyn D'Aoust says:

    I love how you used the Geo set!

  285. Carolee M says:

    Such a pretty and colorful card!!

  286. Marilyn Schleppy says:

    Love the colors and also the geometric design…FUN!

  287. Caitlin says:

    LOVE your card and the new SOA collection!!

  288. Ashlee M says:

    Great card and SOA collection!!!

  289. Carolyn Andres says:

    Nice to see geometrics combined with flower flourishes – quite unique!

  290. Helen says:

    Very unique card. I’ll try this technique. Thank you.

  291. Terri Dean says:

    This is the same stamp set I would play with first. It looks like so much fun.

  292. Linda Wilkinson says:

    Amazing card Laurel you girls have out done yourselves♥

  293. Patti B. says:

    So colorful! I have seen so much inspiration on this blog. I’m so looking forward to ordering this collection.

  294. Beautiful card!

  295. can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

  296. Such vibrant colors Laurel! Fabulous.

  297. Denise Candelaria says:

    Your card stands out, beautiful job

  298. Frances Mackay says:

    I love the versatility of the geobuilder stamp set, we’ve done plaids now it time for Argile.

  299. Nice card. Good choice of colors.

  300. The geometric shapes make a very dramatic background for the floral image – great card!

  301. Lovely card! It reminds me of a stained glass window.

  302. Jill S says:

    Fun card. I can’t wait to get my hands on this release.

  303. Very pretty. Can’t wait to get mine.

  304. Becky Rohwer says:

    Great card. Can’t wait to get the collection.

  305. Marty says:

    What a great card, the colors, the layout…so much interest. I think this is the best SOA yet!

  306. Brenda Lilley says:

    Very colorful! Great card!’

  307. Robin says:

    I love it!

  308. Beautiful! A really stained-glass effect which is striking!

  309. Such a versatile idea of a card

  310. Karen P. says:

    Love the background stamps. Your card is beautiful.

  311. Lisa Obrien says:

    Such fun colors

  312. Brandi R says:

    Lovely card! Great colors ♥

  313. Clare says:

    Love the card!

  314. Karen says:

    What a lovely, bright card. Thanks for sharing.

  315. Kathy ness says:

    Great idea, fun colors!

  316. Trina Chaska says:

    The background is so fun. Love the colors.

  317. Maggie B says:

    Hi Laurel ~ This is a fun card and could be used for pretty much any age. I fell hard for the Geobuilders set but the added bonus is that CP designed it herself!! I feel like a proud Mama…lol. Awesome colorful card with a fun touch of glitz along the edge. Thanks for sharing. ~HUGS~

  318. Marcia F says:

    The GeoBuilders set looks like it is so versatile. Love what you did with it on your card,

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