Snow in Florida?!?

My son’s school had snow!! I love Parkwood! It is such an awesome school. I wish I could send Lucas there for all his schooling! But unfortunately, he only has one more year after then and then we are off to the public school system! They had snow day a few days ago and it was such fun. Last year, I went down the slide and it was quite a hoot! I’ll upload the video. It is about a minute long but if you want to skip it, go to the last 15 seconds. Don’t miss it if you want to laugh at my expense! NOT SURE WHY IT WON’T EMBED MY VIDEO, SO MAKE SURE TO CLICK THE LINK AND IT WILL TAKE YOU RIGHT TO IT.. GRRRR


Now, here is this years video! He and his BFF Mason! Those boys are attached at the hip!


And here are a few pictures from the day!

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