Smokin’ and Sittin’

So, today we are firing up the smoker I got for Christian while he was deployed! We have got 3 rack of ribs, one chicken and vegetables getting ready to go in! I am in charge of the chicken! I was very excited because I get to use the world famous chicken sitter! HA HA! I thought the name was HILARIOUS when I heard it. I went to Publix and got a whole chicken and asked the butcher to remove the “insides” because that was not something I was interested in doing, EVER! So I marinated it with beer, Herbs De Provence, Salt and Olive Oil. And Lucas helped with the squirting of the lemon! In the sitter itself is beer and lemons. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. For all I know, this is going to be the nastiest chicken alive, BUT, I had fun doing it! Ribs just went in. Chicken goes in the smoker in about an hour. And voila! Dinner for the whole neighborhood!

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