Shaped clutches anyone? And a cute tag

A non crafty post for ya today! Well, I’ll throw in something crafty at the end of the post! Heck! Why not! LOL!

Lately, I have been going crazy for these funny t-shirts I have been wearing! For a while, I noticed people staring at me and I was like, what, do I have something on my face? Then I realized it was my shirts! LOL! I have quite a few in my collection now.

I thought I would share another potential new obsession of mine! Funny shaped clutches. I mean, seriously. How cute are these guys! And not that expensive either, which is a double score in my book. Got a coupon for you for 20% off too!  I recently ordered this citrus shaped clutch and then yesterday, I saw these! Yup, another order placed just like that!  But that’s ok. Because they always offer FREE SHIPPING! 🙂  Which one do you think I got????

PicMonkey Collage

The french fries one, lol! I couldn’t resist! I’m a sucker for some good fries. And all these little snacks? Calorie free of course, lol! The cat one is adorable too.. Even for a little girl!

I did mention coupon code!  Use coupon code SHOPCOS for 20% off on item.  

Ok, something crafty for you, since that is why most of you visit with me anyways, lol… I made this tag on Periscope a while ago demoing the Faber Castell Gelatos…. I had a little left over critter from a project and this tag just came together live during the scope! The stenciled background was impromptu also!

Do you make homemade tags for your Christmas gifts under the tree? It’s funny because it’s a known thing here. Rip over your package, I don’t care. But carefully remove the tag and hand it to immediately so I can set it aside for next year, lol!


Have an awesome weekend!!!!! Stamp of Approval Holiday Magic Collection is almost here. If you are on the waiting list, you should have received your email with the launch date! October 15th!!!!! Festivities start Sunday….. I’ll be back Monday with another texturey snowflake project to share with you using exclusive items from the collection!

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  1. So cute! The clutch and the tag. ^_^ Thank you for sharing. I really want to get that kitty for my niece, for Christmas. For crazy hair day, she had her hair braided on top of her head to look like cat ears. That girl is cat crazy.. haha

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