September Ramblings

Keeping up with the tradition started bu Paulina, here goes:

  1. I absolutely can NOT wear shoes with backs. I get blisters. I have bought everything I can think of to help. The inserts, the sticky things I attach to the back of the shoe, NOTHING works!
  2. I drowned my car when I was 18. Literally. We had a massive downpour and all the streets were flooding. I cut thru a neighborhood to get home. When water is on the street, you really can not tell the difference so I literally drove into a dip in the road that was filled with water. I had to basically swim out of my car. I made it to the surface and in to someone’s yard and turned around and my car was nowhere to be seen. Completely submerged by the water. A nice couple let me know (I looked like a maniac, drenched and in shock and rambling and making no sense). I stayed with them until someone could get to me.. Meanwhile, water starts coming into the ground floor of their home. It was absolutely insane. My car at the time was a 1989 Toyota Camry!
  3. I keep my house cold! Like 70 degrees at all times (but it feels like 68). My husband can’t stand it so he will go and sneak to the thermostat and raise it just one degree, and I can ALWAYS tell!
  4. I got a Keratin treatment for my hair. My hair is SOOOOOOO thick and course, it is insane. I can not have long hair. The longer it gets, the poofier and unmanageable it gets. It is crazy. If my hair gets past my chin, it turns into the shape of a triangle. So ugly!!
  5. Might be traveling out of the country this month and am nervous about it. I am a homebody! I have lived in Jacksonville all my life. I do regret not traveling when I was younger. I wish I had seen more of the world…..
  6. I feel old. I am old.
  7. I want another baby.
  8. I love playing Lego Harry Potter on the Xbox360 with my son….
  9. I read every single Harry Potter book. The last book which was the longest book I read in under two days. I stayed up until the wee hours of the night reading and for those that know me, you know I like to be asleep by 10PM!
  10. My son is the cutest little t-ball player ever!!!

And when he is tired, he just sits down! Look carefully and you will see him.  HA!

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  1. Laurel,

    First of all, I love your cards! They are so adorable and fun! Also, I had to comment on this post since I am also a crafter and avid Harry Potter fan! To combine the two, my best friend and I actually have spent time making some really cool looking wands just for fun! =)

  2. Laurel, you’re so funny! i luve yer monthly ramblings…. i feel like a get to know you more and more, it’s fun! wow, you drowned yer car, i would;ve probably acted the same, i’m sure of it … i drove my car into a huge hole once, it was not fun :S i was a huge fan of the Potter books, the movies are fun too, but i luved the books better 🙂 BTW, you are not old 🙂 and I like yer hair!

    C 🙂

  3. Ohhh myyy gosh! #2 is so crazyyy! LoL… What an experience! Oh, and I like my A./C to be reallyyyy cold too! haha!…. And as for #7… hmmm…. DO IT! haha… Give Lucas a little brother/sister!!! =) LOL

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