Ruffled Ribbon Trim Technique – Lisa Johnson

This post is courtesy of Lisa Johnson. Click here to see her complete post, which includes pictures of cards she has done using this technique. I can’t wait to try this one…. Mine won’t be nearly as good as hers though, I warn you…

Sewing is HUGE on cards these days… But it’s not for everyone. Many don’t have a machine or just plain are “allergic” to sewing however may still want some of that same look that you can get. A couple of those same fun things can be achieved by a few tricks! While playing with my Papertrey Ink Saddle Stitch ribbon I remembered something I made in my youth… something with gathering. (I think it was an attempt at a skirt. LOL!) That is the inspiration for this no-sew ribbon trim project!

So… how about learning how to do some quick gathering tricks with this awesome ribbon. You would have giggled at me if you were a fly on the wall when I started playing with this concept. I had every color out and was scrunching my heart out… it was so addictive. Here is how easy it is…

Picture or Video 130

(I used bright colors to show you because of the contrast) First…. it’s hard to trim the ribbon to the exact needed length right from the start¬† because of the gathering…so you will need to cut a larger piece than you think you will need. Next, lift out the end of the thread from ONE side of the ribbon (do this on both ends ) and gently start scrunching the ribbon into the middle.

Picture or Video 129

I used sticky tape style adhesive here to adhere it to the cardstock.

Picture or Video 132

After it’s on you can form it a little to give it some continuity. (wrap the ends around the back of the cardstock and tape it to secure the side… or use a liquid glue to secure the end so that the stitch doesn’t come out… use fray check on the ends if you do that though)

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