January 15th – January 27th, 2024

13 days of card tutorials + 37 cards = everything you need

In this course, you will create 37 unique cards, each tailored to a specific occasion. With 13 classes, I’ll guide you through creating personalized cards for birthdays, thank you, anniversary, miss you, holidays, and more. Every class focuses on a single occasion, ensuring you master the art of cardmaking for various events.​

Sneak Photos of what you will be making during this course

Meet Your Host

Hey there! I’m Laurel Beard, your guide to “A Card for Every Occasion” class. After 18 years in the cardmaking game, I get the last-minute scramble for occasion cards. So, I thought, why not create a class where we cover all those events on the calendar? Over 13 lessons, we’ll craft our way through birthdays, holidays, and more, ending up with 37 unique cards. I’ll spill the secrets of cardmaking techniques and tricks, making each card a mini-masterpiece. Join me on this creative journey — no more last-minute card stress, just pure crafting fun. Let’s create something special and turn those occasions into celebrations, one card at a time!



Each class zeros in on a focused on a specific event or occasion. Upon completing the course, you will have a collection of cards and versatile designs ready for year-round use! 

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