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Hello readers! I have a prayer request. A good friend’s family members were in a serious car accident a few days ago. Both the mother (Jen) and the daughter (Lexi, 2) were ejected from the car. Both are on life support. Things don’t look very promising. Lexi (2) has a cut on her liver. The doctors think she may have landed on her head when she was ejected from the car. She has substantial brain injuries. Jen is not responsive at all, the pupils in her eyes are not changing. We all know the power of prayer. And we all also know that what is meant to be will be. All I can ask is that you pray for this family.

UPDDATE: JEN (MOTHER) is still not responsive. Doctors did MRI and the scan showed Jen had a stroke. It is unknown if she had it at impact or since she has been at the hospital. She is still in a coma. Lexi (2) no longer has a fever. She is stretching and moving, all very good signs.

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  1. Many prayers for Jen and Lexi. What a horrible accident. I hope they will be okay. Please keep us updated Laurel.

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