Potty Training Idea

In order to get Lucas to sit on the potty for an extended period of time, I came up with this idea. He sits for a long time, but has yet to actually use the potty! Just a matter of time….

UPDATE: Lucas has succesfully used the bathroom TWO times today so far, all on his own. He simply came to me and told me he needed to potty! Such a big boy! I am so proud.

UPDATED UPDATE: It has been several weeks since this post and Lucas has done splendidly! We have only had one accident in one week. We are in big boy underpants at all times except for night. I am so proud of how quickly he picked this up. I was dreading this and tried it a few times before and it never stuck. I think it all comes down to the fact that he was ready! No tricks. No games. He just wanted to be a big boy and use the potty! GO LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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