Post CHA WRITE UP with Pics!

Ok, Ok. I know. I’m am just about a week over due for my post….. Sorry about that! I just wanted to stop in and share a few pictures from my first ever CHA trip!!! I am definitely going to make that an annual trip, thinking of maybe doing Chicago this year… It’s smaller and I’ve never been to Chicago this would be the perfect excuse!!!! I had the privilege of working the Lawn Fawn booth the entire time, with some pretty cool folks I might add!

I landed late on Saturday night after a very eventful day of traveling. Think, sitting on runway for 3 hours because of a stupid non safety issue malfunction with a door in the cockpit that wouldn’t close and no “Delta” mechanic onsite….. Yea….. I am grateful that Jenny made an extra trip to the airport to pick me up! We met up with some other girls for dinner late that night. Well, it is was 9:00 there, but in my mind it was midnight, and if you know me, I am in bed by 9PM every night! I met in person Kelly, Mike, Vera, Chari, Ayana, Nancy and Jenny!!


On Sunday, we hit the pavement!!!  Lawn Fawn was a very popular booth and it is clear to see why. Looking how welcoming their booth is!  All of the stamp sets and card samples along the clothesline were a huge hit! Not to mention the life size critters hanging out of on the lawn!!!

And check out the giant polaroid from Say Cheese!!! This was very popular! Here are a few photos I took in the polaroid! 🙂

Me and my favorite peeps from SIMON SAYS STAMPS! AHH! You guys know how much I love them! This is Lorraine and Stephanie with me sandwiched in the middle! I was starry eyed!

Me and some of the girls goofing off after a long first day! Ashley, Vera, Ayana, me and Jenny!

Me with the pop up queen herself, Karen Burniston of Sizzix! She designs all the fabulous pop ups! ACK!

And finally, me and Mrs. Lawn herself, Kelly Alvarez!

Here are a few other pictures of some people that I go to meet! AAHHHH! I felt like i was such a little pion meeting all these celebraties!

With Paper Crafts Mag superstar Susan Opel and Chari!

With Jennifer Mcguire herself! Seriously, the cutest pregnant person I’ve ever seen!

With Jill Foster herself!

And some other random photos:

This chair (and their entire booth) was made entirely of duck tape!

This was made entirely of felt!

A BUNCH of crafters!

Ayana packed her entire closet, so I was helping her close her suitcase!

My travel buddies Ayana and Chari at the airport getting ready to head home!

Me and Ayana on the plane – KISSES!

And last but certainly not least, finally seeing my boy after 5 days! That was by far the hardest part of the trip – being away from my little man!

I’ve got some other photos of products and stuff that caught my eye, but I’ll save that for another post!!!!! Thanks for dropping by!!!!!!

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  1. Love the post! I want to go to CHA too! You got to meet the greatest people!

  2. Aw, Laurel! I’m just loving all these gorgeous pics and your happy people! So glad you had a good trip! TFS!

  3. what fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic trip! Love all the pictures!!! ~Sophia

  5. Thank for sharing the pics!
    If you come to Chicago in August be prepared for some heat and lots of humidity, and maybe some rain! LOL! Never know what a Chicago Summer will bring!

  6. Ok, now I’m officially going to be the LAST one to post about CHA…. LoL… Love the pics! They bring back fun memories! You forgot to mention our little “movie date” on the plane ride home. LoL… Let’s plan for Chicago too, when the time comes! Ahh! =) Miss you!

  7. It looks like it was SUCH a fun trip! Loved seeing all your photos! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. :o)

  8. Looks like you had so much fun! I’m thinking about going to the Chicago one this summer too!

  9. Those pictures are wonderful, you had lots of fun there! I love all the pictures but the last one, with your son, is by far the best, What a happy and adorable one! 😉

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