**New Post** Happy Valentines Day

Before I can even start, I had to share a picture of my son with one of his Vday presents. I presented him with a gift basket full of FUN stuff, and once he saw the LEGO Star Wars in there, he threw all the rest aside!!! He just loves Star Wars!!!

I made this adorable toolbox designed by KelleighRatzlaff (only $3.99 people) for my hubbie for Valentines Day. I stuffed it with his favorite candy. This is the first time I ever did a hybrid project using Photoshop Elements…. Thank you Kelleigh for your tutorial on hybrid templates.I love the layout of all the papers, but definitely feel I can do better with the actual cutting of the template itself. Next time.. Next time…. Do you see those cute tools? Here is a close up:

How cute are those! Kelleigh offered those tools as a freebie at the end of her blog post, so check her out! But don’t compare her toolbox to mine, PLEASE!!  Hers is just awesome! Here is a side shot of the toolbox so you can see the fun paper (Back to School Paper Pack)  I used for this project.

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  1. LOVE it! I’m so bad. I didn’t make anything for my hubby!! I guess I still have a little time, though, huh!!

    1. Don’t feel bad. My hubbie didn’t get ANYTHING for me! 🙁

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