*New* May Ramblings

Hello everyone! Time for the next monthly installment of “ramblings” started by Paulina (prettypinkposh)!! I hope I don’t repeat myself from the last one…..

1. I am getting the new Iphone if it comes out in July even though I am not eligible for an upgrade until November!

2.  I did NOT get the Ipad, which amazes all of my friends considering I am such an APPLE NUT!

3. I played tennis growing up and I actually was quite good at it. If I picked up a racket now, it looks like I am playing golf instead of tennis and that aggravates me!!!

4.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sushi! I could eat it every day if my husband would let me….

5.  I can not have long hair. I have very thick, course hair and if I let it grow out, it looks like I have a huge mushroom on my head… Wah. I have always longed for long hair….

6.  I don’t like painted toenails….

7.  I despise feet. The thought of touching anyone’s feet grosses me out. Seriously. I want to throw up just thinking about feet.

8.  I am HUGE fan of Harry Potter and X-Men and of course, Wolverine. Hugh Jackman. YUMMY!!!!

9.  I have about 50 pair of shoes but wear the same 5 over and over again…. I think I have worn heels 5 times since I had my son. The last time I wore a pair of heels, I honestly had to DUST THEM OFF!

10.  I have new car fever! I have had my car for over 4 years and am  ready to sell it and get another. I want an Acura MDX, but convincing my husband will be a miracle in itself.  He says I have to drive my car until it falls apart!! Soooo,  who wants to come to my house and “break” my car for me?

11. I have lived in Jacksonville all of my life. My parents are here and I can’t imagine not living within driving distance from them… My husband is a pilot and we have been very blessed we have been able to stay here thru multiple orders. I hope we continue to have good luck.

Ok. That is all my poor little brain can think of tonight! Hope I didn’t bore you guys to tears! Have a great one~~

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  1. Love your ramblings!! I vote for the new car!! I’ll come break your car if we can go out for sushi afterwards!! LOL! I don’t like feet either but I do think that painted toes makes them look a lot better. 😀 I just did my first ramble post ever tonight. Paulina has really started something with this!! So much fun!!

  2. Ok, sooo…..

    1) I’m getting the new iPhone too!!! Can’t wait!… It’s the best phone ever!

    2) Sushi is definitely one of my favorite foods too! Yum!

    3) OMG!!! I am so with you on #7! I have the same disgust towards feet! Until today, I’ve never known anybody else that felt the same way about them! LoL. I don’t mind blood & guts & bugs, or any other type of gross thing…. but FEET??!!!…. Ugh!!!! Blah! My whole family thinks I’m wierd! Hahaa!… But yeah, they are so gross!…

    Haha! This was fun to read! Thanks for sharing your ramblings! I did one last month too! But then this month, I just couldn’t think of anything “interesting” to write again, so I decided to skip it this time. LoL… Hopefully I can come up with more stuff for next time!

    Hope you have a great weekend! =)

  3. Yay for new ramblings! Next week I’ll be doing mine for May. 🙂

    I’m not a fan of others feet either. However, I do think mine are pretty cute. LOL

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