*New* April Ramblings

My good crafting friend Paulina (AKA, PRETTY PINK POSH) does monthly rambling posts and she suggested I do the same… So here goes!!!

1.  I am a HUGE Apple fan! As I type now, I am sporting an Apple t-shirt, typing on my Apple Laptop with my Apple Iphone right beside it! Amazingly enough, I did NOT purchase the Apple Ipad, but I will be getting the next Apple Iphone when it comes out! FOR SURE!!! Sorry Christian. It is just going to happen!

2.  I hate my teeth. I think they are big…. I wore braces when I was 13, never wore my retainer so they got crooked again. So last year, I wore a retainer 24/7 for 6 months to straighten out my two front teeth. Talk about embarrassing!  Grown woman sporting around a retainer. Sigh. It did work though.

3. Speaking of teeth, I have a huge fear of dentists. When I turned 18, I stopped going to the Dentist. (My mom couldn’t make me go anymore)!! 10 years and 1 child later, I got a huge toothache and had to go to the dentist. Are you sitting down? I had 16 cavities!  16 people! I only have 20 teeth (I am missing 4 and my mom has no memory of why, ha)… I heard an ad on the radio about sedation dentistry and went there.  It took two appointments, but I got all those cavities filled and have no memory of either time. My husband took me the first time and said I was so freaked out, they had to double the dose and make him leave because I kept reaching out for him. The second time, my friend took me and said I was singing along to CHER. CHER? Really? I don’t know a Cher song! Sigh.. Ever since then, I have gone to the dentist two times a year, but have to take a valiuum prior to!

4. I can’t chew gum in public. I chew like a cow. It is awful. Horrible to look at. When I was little I wasn’t allowed to chew gum at all because my mom says I used to take it out and just put it down where ever I was. She would find chewed up pieces of gum all over the house. YUCK!

5. I have thick hair. THICK, THICK hair! I have to get it chemically straightened every 6 months or it looks like I have a triangle on the top of my head! I have never and will never be able to have long hair.

6. I am short. It used to bother me, but now I like it. I am 5’1.

7. I am polish/arabic and a bunch of other things… My maiden name is Lukaszewski!

8. When I was younger, I didn’t like my name. I wanted to be called Katherine, my middle name.

9. I am fiesty!

10. I can’t stand to exercise and envy all those that do… Seriously, I dread just typing about it… Ugh.

11.  I have a fear of heights and closed in spaces….

12. When I was younger, my brother told me I could fly so I jumped off the second story. I didn’t fly.

13. My brother used to tell me pennies were more valuable than other coins because pennies were the only brown coin. I believed him. My brother was mean to me….

14.  I started crafting less than a year ago… Can’t believe all the stuff I bought. I just got interested in COPIC markers about two weeks ago. I have 31 now.

15.  I pace a lot when I am talking on the phone. I can’t stand still….

Ok. 15. Phew. That was hard!!!! Probably one of the most boring things you guys have ever read I am sure! Hope you read this at bed time! Maybe you will be tired now and go to sleep!

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  1. trace kase says:

    my brother was mean to me too! i have legitimate fears b/c of things he did to me when i was little! haha.

    and i also tried to get people to call me my little name when i was younger.

  2. It’s fun to learn more about you! 🙂

  3. This was super fun to read! I’m glad I “convinced” at least three of my friends to do it. 🙂

    I didn’t know you were shorter than me! In your pictures you look tall! That makes me feel a tiny bit happy since I’m normally the shortest around.

    Have you really only been crafting a year?! That’s really impressive, Laurel. I thought it had at least been three! You are totally improving each and every day….keep up the great work!

  4. Haha… I’m totally with you on Number 10… and I laughed out loud when I read #12 & 13… So funny!
    Thanks for sharing these….
    I plan on writing one up soon too!
    They seem like so much fun! =)

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