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  1. sunnyblack says:

    Just responding to your question a few posts earlier~ I check your blog! I don’t ever just sit and read blogs- oh to have that kind of luxury time 🙂 But maybe once a month I’ll play around and catch up on a few blogs. I think Lucas is very cute and as a mother I can appreciate the funny anecdotes. Isn’t rearing children fun?! Jennie , Carrie and I went out to a movie last night and we were just laughing about kids flushing things down the toilet. Emma has just recently flushed a whole toilet paper roll, each of my kids have flushed something(or two or three) down the toilet! Oh, the joys! Anyhow, thought I’d let you know that there are people who read! ~Sunshine

  2. danasutton says:

    He is a cutie! Why can’t a potty be a hat. 🙂

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