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Non Crafty post.. But a cool product I thought you might like to know about! I’ll have another blog post up today with a giveaway. Hint (#sharehandmadekindness)

A few months ago, a friend sent my brother a beta device to help monitor his kids online and screen time.  He would send me pictures and I would be jealous because I couldn’t get one… It was easy to set up and it worked like a charm.  I like the idea of one little gadget that allowes me to set filters, time limits and bedtime for devices.

Well, it is finally available! I ordered it immediately and I thought you’d want to know. It’s called Circle.

It filters out bad stuff.  When friends come over, he can quickly add them to the circle so you can monitor their stuff too.  You do this all from the app. Set up and monitor what they are doing, etc.

All you have to do connect it to your wifi, add your devices (phones, iPods, gaming consoles, computers, etc) and set up the app.

You’ll see it soon in Disney stores and other major retailers, but here’s an exclusive link to order online right now.

I’ll be sure to do an unboxing and honest review when I get it and play with it.  But I just wanted to give you the heads up in case you wanted to jump in on this before it hits the massive market. Maybe a Christmas present for your kids?? Well, they won’t appreciate it, but you will! LOL! :):) Stay tuned for my review in a week or so! 🙂


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  1. Maggie B says:

    Hi Laurel ~ What an awesome device! My kids are much older and on their own now, but this would have been great when they were younger, even though we “only” had dial-up internet back then! It was still a scary place for parents as we brought the first computers into our homes. Thanks for sharing.

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