Mom leaving Child in Car

What is up with this mom leaving her child in a locked car for over 8 hours? This woman gets up, puts her sleeping 2 year old in the car and heads off to work. Gets to work, forgets the 2 year old is in the car and 8 hours later, the child is dead. It was over 100 degrees that day. The child had blisters all over her body from the heat.  I don’t even want to think about what that child was going through during those 8 hours of no food, drink, soiled diapers and then the heat. What is wrong with this person? Her claim is she forgot her child was in the car?. What kind of person forgets she leaves a child in the car? I remember when I leave my mail in the car…. As more of the story is revealed, it was shown that she has left her child in the car on more than one occassion.  How can the prosecutor decide NOT to press charges? Very disturbing story indeed.

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