Meet Dobby! My Brother Scan N Cut

Hi there! I’ve had my eye on the Brother Scan N Cut for quite some time and I finally took the plunge and ordered it and it arrived last week. Let me preface this post by stating I am technically challenged when it comes to devices such as these, hence my initial hesitation in order (and the price tag)…. But I am thrilled with it. Thrilled I say! I have only practiced on the basic functions of the machine so far. Direct Cutting and Scan to cut! Meaning, I am stamping my images out onto my cardstock and Dobby is cutting them out for me! What attracted me to this is the ease of being able to cut out multiple images at one time and no longer having to spend money on the coordinating dies that go along with the stamp sets (and yes, I have a lot of those and yes, it all adds up because dies are expensive to manufacture, hence the price tag on the coordinating die sets)…. From my limited use, here are some bullet points worth saying…

  • The Brother Scan N Cut 2nd model (the one I have) has WIFI! SO NO PLUGGING IN YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!!! I’m lazy, which is why I never used the Silhouette to its potential.
  • It cuts
  • It draws
  • I wonder if it sings too, lol
  • Similar to the Silhouette Studio (online store for the Silhouette), the Brother Scan N Cut has Canvas, an online studio where you can purchase/create designs (online activation card required to use this feature)
  • This is a great resource of information including demo videos, etc.

I’ve been playing around with Dobby on Periscope! Dobby! You know, from Harry Potter! The hero that sacrificed himself for poor Harry? LOL! While the machine was cutting, I chatted with those that were watching my scope live and all sorts of name options were thrown out there! Since I have a love of Harry Pottery, when someone mentioned Dobby I was like yes! Dobby! I dub thee Scan N Cut Dobby!!! 🙂


Any… Who…… I am saving some of my scopes onto my youtube channel so I can share them with you here as well….. Today, I’ve got a video showing you the basic direct scan feature and you can see from the video just how easy this machine is to use… And how accurate and smooth the cuts are…. I’ve also tried coloring some of the images and running in thru my Dobby and it recognizes those as well! Some troubleshooting tips I have found along the way:

  • Make sure your stamped image is even. No gaps in the inking
  • If you have any open areas, the Scan N Cut won’t recognize it. A work around is to fill in those areas with a pencil line, run it thru the machine and then erase the pencil lines afterwards (thanks Payel and Nicole)….
  • It does recognize colored inked images as long as the color of ink you choose is a dark one. No light pinks/blues, etc….

In today’s video, two images didn’t cut and I am going to troubleshoot and find out why! I just got Dobby last week so I have lots of learning to do.  Onwards to the video! You can watch it here or over on my youtube channel in HD!

Let’s talk price! This retails for $399. I, along with many others, took advantage of the HSN deal a few weeks back where it was on sale for $299 with free shipping (sign up for newsletter and you get 15% coupon you can apply towards your purchase)! Yes, it’s pricy! Which is why I hesitated. But with the sale price, free shipping and overall savings I will incur by NOT buying the coordinating dies, I bought it. Plus, my birthday is coming up in a week! LOL

  • The HSN sale is over but the same product I got is over on HSN right now for $330 (remember to use that welcome coupon if you haven’t already).
  • You can also preorder the same model at Amazon for $299. Click HERE to check out that deal. It ships out the first of October! Note: you don’t get charged until item ships and if you preorder you more than likely will get it a few days before the sale goes live. Now, it is worth noting, with this sale… You get the same model as I got, but you get a rhinestone kit in lieu of the online activation card! I am told that can be purchased separately if you desire. What is the online activation card? It allows you to purchase designs from their online store Canvas. I have yet to use this feature. I mainly purchased this to die cut my stamped images!

Alrighty! That’s all for today! I am driving to Disney today so I will catch you guys in a few days!

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  1. Shirley says:

    OMGOSH! this machine is new to me and totally amazing. I can see where one can not only save on not having to purchase dies, but also save on storage. I’m glad we still have Christmas coming up oh yeah and my birthday. This item is on my Amazon wish list :o)

  2. You are loving this machine! I’m glad it is working right out of the box. I bought a Silhouette and gave up and sent it back. I struggled with the pad and keeping it flat enough to work and I didn’t have enough space near my computer. This one was not the newest and I didn’t realize that when I ordered it, so it had to be hooked to the computer. Eventually I could have bought the software needed to make the card for the machine, but that was way more trouble than it was worth. Maybe someday I will try again and this machine is looking like a winner. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Does it make coffee too? You are having a blast with this. Maybe Santa will bring Kelly one…

  4. I have seen this a few times, on a scrapbooking show on pbs, recently. I was intrigued. Thank you for making this video. Nice to see it up close, and how it’s actually being used, instead of someone saying. Ok, cut this out with your scan and cut, then bring it to the page.. etc etc. However, I am wondering now if I can use my cricut the same way. It has a Print and Cut type thing.. I haven’t used it, because honestly, I didn’t see the point in wasting the ink when I can just use pattern paper. So, now I want to see if I can stamp my images, and find a way to use those with my cricut.. I am terrible at fussy cutting, and sometimes I just can’t bring myself to get the dies. Thanks again.. Greatly appreciated. ^_^

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