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Love is in the Air Stamp of Approval Blog Hop + Giveaway

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Day 3 of the Love is in the Air Stamp Of Approval Blog Hop!  You should have arrived here from Cynde Whitlow’s blog.  The complete list is below if you get lost along the way.
The collection goes up for sale on Tuesday, January 9th at 9am to those on the Wait List. Ordering opens to the public (6pm EST) the same day if the collection hasn’t sold out already.  StampNation members that are on the Wait List will be notified first (a little perk of being a member!) and then the rest of the Wait List will be contacted!
**The box is only available while supplies last.**
Make sure that you are on the Wait List to be notified as soon as its available!
The collection contains products that can be used together and also used along with products you already have!  And guess what? CAN YOU SAY NEW INK?????????? That’s right. A new mystery ink color is included in this collection. Any guesses as to what color it may be??  If you aren’t familiar with Catherine’s Ink, click HERE.
Let’s check out a couple of cards I made with this collection. I made sure to use the new ink color so look closely! I used the The World Awaits stamp set on my first card. (I made 4 cards with just this one stamp set… I LOVE IT).
I watercolored using Catherine’s inks! These inks are so versatile. The exact colors I used are listed in the supply list (except the mystery ink….)

For my second card, I used the Postage Stamp die and Bon Voyage stamp set.

The die set is amazing and you can really make some fun creations with it… Layering the different sizes together or using them on their own.



One winner will be chosen at random from each day’s comments and announced on JANUARY 10th on Catherine’s blog. If the winner already purchased the collection, the winner will  receive $100 gift certificated towards a future purchase.

Next Up on the hop is the fabulous Lisa Harrolle!


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  1. Very nice layout with the bottle. I love the color palette you used.

  2. ANN GREENE says:

    Laurel, I love your watercolor effect. The cards turned out wonderfully. I love them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. clare says:

    These are so pretty I love them. The colours you got on the watercolour card are amazing.

  4. Beautiful cards, Laurel! I really like the love forever card. Did you watercolor the background on that one? It almost has a marble effect.

  5. Sue LD says:

    Wonderful cards you created. Love the colors and the world.

  6. Katen K. says:

    Both of these are amazing! I love the world one with all the pink/purples! I’m guessing the new ink color is in that family!! Can’t wait to find out!

  7. Amazing cards, Laurel!!! xoxo

  8. Tracie Pond Designs says:

    Great vellum compass and wow fun layering and pink on your second card. Super cards, Laurel!

  9. Beth Bray says:

    The watercolor looks great, but the pretty pink card is my favorite

  10. Ellen says:

    Laurel your cards are amazing, as always. On the postage stamp card the love letter in a bottle is so cute. I am a Stamp Nation member.

  11. Pretty cards, Laurel! Love the colors! I’m in Laurel’s (yours!) facebook cardmaking group – my ink color guess keeps changing! Haha! I’ll go back to yesterday’s guess of Pretty in Pink.

  12. mjmarmo says:

    So very pretty!

  13. Marjorie Dumontier says:

    Oh my ! Both of your cards are really amazing !

  14. Donna Neal says:

    Love the color blending – beautiful! And I like how you stamped the love compass on vellum – nice touch! Your ‘Sending Love’ card is amazing -love it! (I am a StampNation member)

  15. Colleen Balija says:

    Laurel i always love the backgrounds on your cards!

  16. Erika Dejesus says:

    Laurel – Stunning cards!!!

  17. Jean Mervine says:

    Beautiful cards, Laurel! I’m a Stamp Nation member.

  18. Christine M says:

    The suspense is killing me.

  19. Rhonda Price says:

    Love these! I’m so excited about postage stamp dies.

  20. Diane Loughrey says:

    Glad to see the message in a bottle. Stampnation PJ….woo hoo can’t wait.

  21. ashlea says:

    Ooohh! Love the use of vellum for the compass.

  22. Dee Earnshaw says:

    lovely cards – beautifully designed and water colored:)

  23. Gorgeous cards! I can’t wait to get my hands on the SOA collection tomorrow!

  24. CraftyLawyer says:

    Great cards! Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Heidi Rees says:

    Such fun projects!

  26. Jodie Ramdas says:

    Lovely cards Laurel! I love the colours you used too! Super pretty!

  27. Love both your cards Laurel!! Super fun!

  28. Great cards! I especially like the love in a bottle card.

  29. Heidi S. says:

    I really like the colors you used.

  30. I love that pretty map and the lovely colors you used! I also love the L.O.V.E cardinal points stamp, too!

  31. Laura Miller says:

    Fun colors – – purple world; orangey seas – – who cares – creative license. Great sentiments in this SOA..

  32. Jennifer Meister says:

    Awesome cards cannot wait to get this SOA box!

  33. Kelly Martin says:

    I LOVE the texture you’ve created on these backgrounds!!!

  34. Lacey Willetts says:

    Very nice cards. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Mary Reiner says:

    Lovely cards (as always!) Thanks for sharing your amazing projects!

  36. Wanda Radler says:

    Love your cards. I like the deep purple on the world and how you added the compass. Great ideas!

  37. Jennifer Archambault says:

    Great cards! Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. lynnlouisehall says:

    Great colors…the bottle…so sweet!!

  39. Love your cards! The you rock my world card is so cute and what a great idea on the message in the bottle card.

  40. Kathy Serrahn says:

    Love the cards, colors are awesome

  41. susan a Lorio says:

    The creativity never ceases to amaze me. thanks!

  42. Leanne in Cali says:

    Love your beautiful cards! This is such a great SOA collection!!

  43. Bethany Koubsky says:

    Love the backgrounds on your cards! these are great! so pretty!!!

  44. Tara Prince says:

    Such pretty cards! I love the colors!

  45. ELizabeth Roberts says:

    I love the colors you chose for both cards. Very pretty!

  46. Your cards a awesome, love the colors you chosen so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Mary Holshouser says:

    Love the mix of colors that you used on your cards.
    They blend together so well on the continents card.
    The pinks on the next is so pretty – pink is not
    usually my color of choice but this was great.
    thanks for sharing

  48. Cards are lovely. This kit is looking very interesting

  49. Donna Cervantez says:

    Great cards Laurel as always. I am thinking the new ink color could be called “Aren’t You Mauvelous”

  50. Colleen Pepper says:

    Oooh my! Loving both of these cards. The watercolor on the map it lovely,

  51. Love your cards and the way you did your compass rose!!!

  52. Jane M says:

    Love cards and the backgrounds. Beautiful colors, great stamps! I am a Stamp Nation Member

  53. Lorie Brunner says:

    Your cards are gorgeous!! As a new stamp nation member, I’m very excited for this box!!!

  54. Melinda Lowry says:

    Hmmm. I wonder what color that pink is?? Cute cards. I think I’m going to enjoy those postage stamp dies!

  55. You rock my world card is absolutely beautiful… Love the colors!!!

  56. Becca Yahrling says:

    Both cards are so fabulous using such beautiful
    colors. Love that world stamp!!

  57. Teresa Cherka says:

    Such fun cards, thanks for the inspiration!

  58. Love the message in a bottle image! too cute!

  59. Wow! More amazing watercolor cards. Love the colors and that sweet little message in a bottle on the second card. A very fun blog hop! I am a SN member.

  60. Awesome and colorful cards Laurel.
    So happy to see you creating again.
    Just caught your FB live too.

  61. Vicki Smith says:

    Award-winning cards, Laurel! So many possibilities with this collection.

  62. Michele says:

    I love the “sending love forever” card (just got the message in a bottle very cute)

  63. Michelle Allison says:

    Laurel, you are amazing at putting colors together! I love your cards! Thanks for the chance to win.

  64. Laurie Schlichter says:

    Live the compass. Helps give me a sense of direction. Thanks. Glad you’re feeling better.

  65. Karen Roberts says:

    Laurel, I love your cards. These postage dies are to die for. Again, I am in love with the world map and I think you designers are too. 🙂

  66. S Lynn Beaumont says:

    I’m not usually much of a pink girl but LOVE your watercolor card. Just dreamy! Looking forward to my first PJ party as a new SN member

  67. Barbara Brennan says:

    Colors used in blending…perfecto! N S N W…compass points….a Stand out using the vellum!

  68. Vivian says:

    Such a cute bottle! Love how you made the postage stamp die.

  69. Jo Ann Lovell says:

    Beautiful cards, Laurel. Thanks for sharing.

  70. These cards are perfect. I love the map stamps and postage dies. Thank you for sharing.

  71. Marcia L Rollins says:

    Purples and pinks will always get my vote but being used in fabulous designs just pushes my love overboaed!

  72. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Wonderful cards…I love that map stamp!

  73. Lori Walker says:

    “You Rock My World” – I LOVE THAT SAYING! Love the cards – thanks for sharing!

  74. Joanne Guarino says:

    Love your cards! That message in a bottle stamp is just too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  75. Tristan says:

    Love your world card. That added vellum element is perfect.

  76. Nicole A. says:

    Love these cards they are so beautiful.

  77. Tasha Dawson says:

    I love seeing all the wonderful ideas! Cannot wait for the box!

  78. Mary Nelson says:

    Fabulous cards Laurel! I loved your live video today. You always crack me up!! I’m in your fb group…fingers crossed!!!

  79. Denise Kasbohm says:

    Love the bottle card it is soo pretty.

  80. Helen says:

    I love how you used the layers! What a great layout.

  81. Jill D. says:

    Love the vintage feel and thanks for using that bottle. So cute

  82. Both cards are absolutely beautiful!!

  83. Phyllis Sinclair says:

    Your postage stamp background is super.

  84. Carla Hundley says:

    Wonderful cards and
    I love the purples on
    the world card.
    Carla from Utah

  85. Patricia A Cappello says:

    Love seeing the use of the varied colors.

  86. I’m loving the world map card…beautiful!!!! And the love card is so sweet!

  87. Elizabeth G says:

    lovely cards and great inspiration, thanks for sharing.

  88. Love your cards!

  89. Ruth Leach says:

    Love the pink card and the world map with the color combinations…….so eye catching and vibrant…..

  90. Cynthia says:

    Your cards are so cute. Love all the layering on the second one. Thanks for sharing.

  91. Dorothy Breitenstein says:

    Love the cars and backgrounds. You keep giving a SN member inspiration.

  92. Dorothy Breitenstein says:

    Love the cards and backgrounds. You keep giving a SN member inspiration.

  93. Nicole says:

    Love your cards, map is just so awesome!!!!

  94. Amanda G says:

    love that second card design, very effective!

  95. Cheryl Jones says:

    Your cards are some of my favorite so far. Your amazing.

  96. HeikeK. says:

    Great cards. Love the colours.

  97. beth swisher says:

    Great cards. Love the colors.

  98. Nadine Bontatibus says:

    Love the purple blending.

  99. Sue T. says:

    Oh my. The colors you used to create this beautiful map is amazing and if I was to sail the sea. I would use your map, because it would take me where I want to be.

  100. Linda Yang says:

    Love your cards and colors! Thanks for sharing.

  101. Love the cards!

  102. I’m excited for the new set. Been loving the demos, great ideas. Good Luck everyone 😊

  103. Nanette Tracy says:

    Very pretty cards 🙂 Nice!
    StampNation Member

  104. Linda D says:

    My favorite is the bottle card… but always love your cards! I’m a Stamp Nation member!

  105. Denise Mlady says:

    You’re watercoloring is so pretty!! Can’t wait to get this collection.

  106. Wendy Hughes says:

    I am a StampNation member and think this SOA is amazing! My favourite thing in this collection is the postage stamp dies. I am also excited about the release of the new ink colour. I just loooooove your colour palette for these cards. They are so pretty.

  107. Theresa Robinson says:

    Great cards – thanks for sharing. Looking forward to this collection!

  108. Gorgeous cards! I love that water coloring you did & that pink background is Awesome!

  109. Tiffany Born says:

    So many great ideas…can’t wait!

  110. Theresa says:

    I love love love your postage stamp and message in a bottle card. I love how the postage die was colored, the ink washes, and the message in a bottle stamp. Awesome card. SN member.

  111. Jayna Goins says:

    Awesome job on your cards! ❤️

  112. Patricia Benger says:

    Love both of your cards, Laurel! Love the bottle on the second one! Thank you for sharing!

  113. Nana Griffin says:

    Wonderful ideas.

  114. canadiancaroline says:

    LOVE your take on the map-of-the-world. Who says oceans should be blue??!! Adding the compass star on vellum is a great way to incorporate it without hiding the lovely watercolouring. And the mystery-ink card is monochromatic magnificence! Love all the layers and ways of using the CP ink.

  115. Vickie Buehler says:

    Love seeing your creations, the world stamp is so cute and the bottle card is adorable

  116. Dawn Kloman says:

    I’m always loving your cards. I’m not sure if it’s because we are technique girls or what. Fabulous once again.

  117. Kay Roose says:

    Love your cards. Love the colors used in the first card. SN member

  118. Samantha says:

    I love these samples and I’m loving this collection

  119. If I could save time in a bottle….such a delightful card. Always wanted to find a message in a bottle. Now I can send them. Love your card.

  120. Marlene says:

    Such cute ways to use the stamps and dies.

  121. Diane Durbin says:

    Love the colors on both cards. I liked the vellum compass, too.

  122. Sharon Stewart says:

    So pretty! I love the blending.

  123. I really like the color combinations! Love the msg in a bottle

  124. Cary Lombardo says:

    The water color on your first card is beautiful. The ink colors are so saturated.

  125. Heather Nelson says:

    Gorgeous watercoloring on your map! I love the orange and purple.

  126. dawnnz says:

    Just gorgeous Laurel.

  127. nurse6b says:

    I love purple!! I love your cards they are Beautiful!! especially the world map card!!

  128. melissaf123 says:

    Pretty watercolor card and the message in the bottle is super cute too!

  129. Still can’t get I’ve how cute the compass is

  130. trawnick2015 says:

    Wow! Love that orange & purple together & the pink note in a bottle too. Great cards. In Love yet Again! Love being a StampNation member. I love the Stamp of Approval collections because everything in it works so well together you don’t have to think about it. The cards practically make themselves. I love just how many different ways these products can be used together. Hard to choose a favorite product but I’m leaning really hard in the direction of those postage stamp dies.

  131. Marjorie King says:

    Thank you for sharing

  132. Janet Swofford says:

    Love both your cards! That world map Stamp rocks!!!

  133. Kathy Doyle says:

    My favorite is the bottle card! Love how you did the layers and colors on that one!

  134. rijacks63 says:

    I love the card you made using the stamp die. Shades of purple are my second daughter’s favorites so I’ll be sure to make her something with that color combination.

  135. Debbie Bonczek says:

    Love these cards. Love the vellum element on that first card. So excited to order tonight at the StampNation PJ party. Counting the minutes now.

  136. Love your creative approach! Thanks for sharing your talent!
    I’m a Stamp Nation sista!!

  137. You have shown the true awesomeness of this collection Laurel 🙂

  138. Both fabulous cards!! Really love the colors used on your first map card!!

  139. Stacy White says:

    Love your watercolor look! Beautiful cards!

  140. Rosemary Lettieri says:

    Your cards make me want to take a trip around the world! Colors are beautiful!!

  141. Janis Ford says:

    Your cards are so cute!

  142. jlingraham says:

    Pretty cool stamp!

  143. Fabulous cards…love the way you used the world map and the yummy colors!

  144. jlingraham says:

    Beautiful clever cards!!!

  145. Sammi Houp says:

    Love both of your projects. Great color choices! Cannot wait to find out what the new ink color is!

    Sammibug aka Samantha Houp aka Sammi

  146. F. Andre says:

    The pattern on the globe is so lovely. The colours used on your cards are fabulous. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  147. Laurel, love your Message in the Bottle layout, color scheme! Great fabulous card!

  148. Donna HAWKINS says:

    I absolutely love the first card. I would never have thought to use these colors. I love when I get something new from you ladies. Love your cards and designs.

  149. Christy Borfitz says:

    Gorgeous cards, Laurel! I especially love all of the layering on the second card!

  150. Rose W says:

    Love your color choices. Really unique.

  151. Lindar C says:

    Gosh! Your cards are gorgeous!

  152. Sharon Field says:

    Great color choices…….the cards are just great! Thanks for sharing.

  153. Melody M says:

    Beautiful cards. I love how you added the compass rose.

  154. Sharon Salerno says:

    Gorgeous cards! Love this SOA!

  155. JoAnneR says:

    Your cards are so much fun. I really like the backgrounds you’ve put on each of them.

  156. Hi Laurel, I love your card making videos! Great cards… I just love those postage stamp dies and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. There are so many possibilities! I think I like your second card the best! The pink is gorgeous. Did you water colour wash the background or ink swipe? Love the look! 🙂 You rock my world!

  157. Janie S says:

    Those postage stamp stamps and dies are so cute!

  158. Trina Chaska says:

    Love the postage stamp dies. I like the soft colors on the cards.

  159. Nancy-Anne says:

    I just love your colour choices. Very pretty

  160. Melissa Musick says:

    Teasing with the new ink color cant wait for the reveal

  161. Lovely cards!

  162. Martha S says:

    I light the colors you used in the world card! The message in the bottle card is so sweet using the postage stamp die, also.

  163. Awww!!! Gorgeous cards!!! Love them!!!

  164. I love the watercoloring. You’re right—Catherine’s inks are amazing, and so are your cards!

  165. Your watercoloring is gorgeous as always Laurel. I can’t ge5 enough of the world stamp. I love, love, love that sentiment, This collection Rocks mt World!

  166. Love your adorabe cards! Really love this SOA collection!!

  167. Awesome cards! That continents stamp ROCKS MY WORLD! I love the design within each continent!

  168. These are gorgeous!

  169. Karen Kuschel says:

    I just love the two totally different looks of both cards!

  170. Lorraine Turner says:

    My favourite Laurel is the bottle card as this has a variety of different frames used around the edge. :O)

  171. love the “negative” postage stamp effect

  172. Denise Bryant says:

    Gorgeous cards! Love your color combos!

  173. Terri Mansfield says:

    Love, love this!!! Can’t wait to get my box.

  174. FD91354 says:

    Lovely cards. I like how the SOA releases their product all coordinated and this plans so you aren’t stumped.. such a great idea. I hope I might be able to get a kit!

  175. Both of your cards are very striking. The monochrome has so much depth and layering, and then the watercolor is so well blended that it almost looks like a monochrome, even though it’s not. But I think my favorite element is the vellum compass. It just works perfectly and ties the whole card together. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  176. Sharon L. says:

    Both cards are very nice, can’t decide which I like the best.

  177. Iris M Soscia says:

    Very pretty – love the soft colors.

  178. Marianne says:

    Love how the world map seems to pop off the page and I love the colours.

  179. Sarah Greber says:

    Loving this SOA collection and the options. Your cards are so different and I like what you did. Thanks for your constant inspiration!

  180. Kris Reeves says:

    That compass is so cool!

  181. Kate B says:

    Both of your cards are so pretty!!

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