Lost and NOT Found

Have you ever had one of those day where you think someone is pulling a prank or you feel like you are just totally loosing your mind?  I was issued my YMCA gym cards on Thursday of last week. I leave them in my car.  Today when I went to use them, they were gone. I know exactly where I put them in my car. They had their own little compartment. Gone..  Today, I put a razor in my backpack before going to the gym. A pink razor to be exact. Gone.  And now, I can’t find my blue tooth headset. I charged it in my kitchen two days ago, put the charger in the drawer and left the headset on the counter and now that is gone.  Looked everywhere in the house, in the car. Even in the washer/dryer and toilets! Gone. Someone is definitely out to get me… I am going to bed, before I lose what is left of my mind.

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