Lost and Found

Ok Moms. I know I am not the only one who does this. I was cleaning out my office today and opened my closet to store stuff in there and way in the back I found a sit and spin I bought for my son months ago. Totally forgot about it…. Thankfully it wasn’t one of those toys he could outgrow quickly. I quickly put it together and he loves in… He loves to spin on it and carry it from room to room telling me how heavy it is….. Thank goodness I had the urge to clean out my office today.

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  1. days of sunshine says:

    Unfortunately I am guilty of that every Christmas. The really bad thing is that I am aware of it! I was going to make absolute sure it didn’t happen again this year. Well, it did. I completely forgot a sack of fun things for their stockings and missed a $25 leapster game for Kelby. I stash things in several places so that if they are discovered all of Christmas isn’t ruined. I think I need a better system! Oh, well.

  2. danasutton says:

    i do this a lot with clothes! since camden is my last i squeezed him into some gap t-shirts that i discovered i had bought on sale the season before. 🙂 Jonathan made me take them off him. oh well. at least the sit n spin will be used!

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