Lawn Fawn Hearts Cards for Kids BLOG HOP

Hey there and welcome to the Lawn Fawn Hearts Cards for Kids Blog Hop! We have all come together today to make cards for a wonderful cause, Cards for Kids! We hope to encourage you to also make cards for this great cause and have fun along the way, too! So please hop along with us, and make sure to leave comments as there will be prizes for commenters and participants!  If you get lost along the way, you can always start at the beginning at the Lawn Fawn blog.  You should have come to me by way of Lisa!!! So, let’s get hoppin!!!!

This card was made for Braden, who at the age of 3 was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He went into remission, but a few weeks before his 5th birthday, his cancer relapsed.  He loves water fountains and animals, so I thought he would enjoy this “joke” card.

This card was made for Karli, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. Looking at her profile picture, she just looks like she is one funny girl, so I thought this card would be right up her ally.

This card was made for Sami. Battling with Cystic Fibrosis since the age of 2, she has a passion for a life and a love for animals, especially cats!

This card was made for Emily, who is one of four people in the United States that has been diagnosed with Schimke Immuno-osseous Dysplasia (SIOD). While in the hospital, she raised and donated money for two foundations that were close to her heart. And what a big heart she has.

This card was made for Kylie. She has been sick for a little under two years and her condition is undiagnosed. She is a beautiful little girl and I thought she might like this card.

And finally, this last card was made for Aria. She is 3 1/2 years old and has been diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease, which has no cure. She will never be able to digest food without several organ transplants from the same recipient.  Her favorite color is purple so I thought she might like this card.

Thanks for hoppin’ with me! I hope you have been inspired to make some cards for this wonderful cause and for these beautiful children.   These families are pillars of strength.  The courage of their daily battles leaves in me in awe. Each of these families have touched my heart.

If you would like to know the deets for each of the cards, please go to my flickr gallery here.

Your next stop on the Lawn Fawn Hearts Cards for Kids Blog Hop is…….   KELLY!!!

If you are lost in the hop, click here for a list of all of the participants!

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  1. GrannyCharlotte says:

    These cards are awesome. The colors and the designs will be so loved by the children you designed them for. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow those cards are wonderful!

  3. Adorable cards!

  4. Wow! So awesome, you made a ton of cards. They look great!

  5. Super cute joke cards!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  6. Your cards are SOOOO thoughtful and giggly!!! LOVE THEM!

  7. Super cute and humorous cards…the kids will love em

  8. So many wonderful thoughtful cards!

  9. Sweet adorable cards for some beautiful children.

  10. What adorable cards!! Such a great cause!

  11. Girl, you’re on a roll. All your cards are so cute & will definitely brighten the kids day! xx

  12. Aw, what a great lot of cards! Those kids will be so pleased!

  13. Brenda U says:

    Lovely cards for a great cause. The children are going to love them.

  14. These are great cards! I really like the one with the two balloons!

  15. These are UNBELIEVABLE!!! Every single one of them!!! Amazing job…really =)

    Crafty Hugs!

  16. Super cute cards!! 🙂

  17. Kelly Rasmussen says:

    very cute…the kids will love them!

  18. good grief, these are too cuuuuuute♥

  19. Hi Laurel! Love all the cards you created, love the jokes!So sweet that you made them with the child in mind!

  20. Very nice and fun cards!

  21. Love the balloon cards! So cute! Thanks for participating in the blog hop today!

  22. ADORABLE cards! I love the ones with jokes!

  23. Lousette Ashton says:

    Love the riddles on the first two card. Fab!

  24. {vicki} says:

    cute jokes

  25. I love that you put jokes on the cards- what a great idea!

  26. Great cards! What a fantastic cause! Thanks for sharing!

  27. super cute cards, laurel!

  28. donna calamari says:

    I love the riddles. They are fabulous with the images you placed on the cards.

  29. Jenn C. says:

    snippy answers, hehehe. love all your cards.

  30. Cute cards! I especially love the first one with the fish.

  31. I love how you made cards with the kids’ personalities in mind! These are all so cute!

  32. Julie in Edmonds says:

    I love the idea of riddle cards – great job!

  33. Truly wonderful cards, Laurel! I’m sure each one will be a sure smile bringer and day brightener!

  34. why are fish so smart-LOL! funny and cute.

  35. Rhonda Miller says:

    These are sooo cute. I like the jokes. TFS.

  36. Melissa R. says:

    Love the joke cards…all your cards are cute! I know the kids will love their card! TFS

  37. Your cards are wonderful and I have to say that the sweet doggie sitting in the wagon has stolen my heart. What a little sweetie. Love how you did the scoring on that card to add texture. Your cards are so fun and I so love the jokes. I am certain that they will brighten some little one’s day!

  38. These cards are absolutely amazing Laurel! SO cheerful and full of love. I just love your jokes! You are going to bring so many smiles to these kids faces.
    lots of love!

  39. Angie Hall says:

    Thanks so much for the personalized cards for the kids. They are outstanding.

  40. Great job on all of them. I bet the kids will love them!

  41. LOVE these Fun cards…so perfect for children!!

  42. All of these are great but I especially love the jokes! LOL!

  43. Susie N says:

    Cute cards! I love your joke cards!!!!

  44. Erika M says:

    Your cards are quite cute!

  45. Nathalie S. says:

    What a great selection of cards! I love all the different colours and techniques you used. You will sure make the kids smile.

  46. Mary S. says:

    Very cute cards!!!

  47. Puns are my favorite!

  48. Very punny! Love them all…

  49. Dianer says:

    Love your cards!

  50. Sweet cards!!

  51. Kelley says:

    The joke cards are great. My youngest is in college and I no longer hear these silly jokes. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  52. I really love the hot air balloon cards. All cards are very nice, I like the jokes…

  53. My goodness! You were busy! so cute!

  54. Dianer says:

    Great cards! Love the puns.

  55. The kids will completely love the joke cards! So funny. That’s great that you customized cards for so many kids.

  56. Vicki says:

    Love all the cards.

  57. Jackie Funk says:

    Love you cards.

  58. All of your cards are adorable! I love the riddles!

  59. Such sweet happy cards!

  60. LOVE your sweet cards!

  61. karen q says:

    So many great cards, thanks for sharing.

  62. what great, personal cards!

  63. these are all perfect!!!

  64. These cards are super rad!!!

  65. Love all of these! The kids will love the jokes.

  66. Love all your punny cards!!

  67. Nikki M says:


    These cards are gorgeous! You gave so much thought to what each of them would’ve liked. I’m sure they will love them. Thanks for sharing!

  68. Karen Knegten says:

    Great job on all your cards. I am sure you will brighten the lives of these little ones.

  69. sophiemily says:

    Thanks for sharing so many adorable cards.

  70. Heyyyy Laurel! (My long-distance craft buddy)… haha…. GREAT job with your cards for today! They all look fantastic! So fun and so cute! I’m sure the kids are going to have huge smiles on their faces when they see your work! =)

  71. SO cute. The telephone is my favorite.

  72. kristie larsen says:

    wonderful cards! love all of them. you are going to make some kids very very happy!

  73. wow. you did an amazing job. i like those types of jokes. they may be corny but they get me every time. haha.

  74. Love the colorful balloons.

  75. Really Really cute! Thanks for sharing!

  76. Sue D says:

    Very cute cards–I really like the joke cards.

  77. Those are so cute!!!!

  78. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  79. SO cute! Love the jokes! Hugs!

  80. such wonderful cards!

    lisa a.

  81. Great cards! I especially love the patterned hot air balloons.

  82. The puns (and the cards) are so cute! Thanks for the smiles!

  83. How fun!

  84. Kids (young and old alike) love a good chuckle – great idea for cards for kids!

  85. Kelley B says:

    Very cute cards. I love the telephone and ribbon card. Awesome job!

  86. yvonne says:

    Love them all!!

  87. Connie Fussell says:

    You put a lot of work into making all these great cards. You are very talented and I can tell you put a lot of love in making individual cards for each kid. My love goes to you.

  88. DeniseB says:

    Great assortment of cards! Lots of love to the kids….

  89. linda patti says:

    all the cards are great, but my favs are the riddle cards! and ARIA will LOVE all that purple on her card!

  90. Love all the thought you put in to these to make them extra special for the kids!

  91. Oh they will love the joke cards.

  92. hehe, cute cards! You were totally motivated to make more than one 🙂 Luv the trivia questions, very creative 🙂

    It was SO nice to chat with you …. and finally meet you 🙂 Ya know …. reg blog visitor now 🙂


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