Last week of swim lessons!

I can’t believe how good my son did! I was so hesitant at the beginning and boy did he prove me wrong. He did great!! Here are two videos from today. This is his last week so they have him swim in summer, fall and winter clothes so they will know what it feels like to swim in clothes. Today was summer clothes….

This is the drop in – Lets him know what it feels like to fall into the pool with clothes on.


This is for disorientation. Lets him know what it feels like to fall into the pool while disoriented with clothes on:


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  1. Andrea says:

    Hey! I’m an Oak Leafer who stumbled across your blog and I had to tell you that I absolutely love ISR! When my girls were two and three years old they went through the entire course and I could not believe what they accomplished! Even my two year old could swim laps in tennis shoes and jeans almost effortlessly. Now, at 6 and 7 years old, they swim better than most adults at the pool! Everyone asks how they learned to swim like that. Definitely worth every penny!

    Oh, and we just started the E-Mealz Publix plan a few weeks ago, too. We love it!


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