June Ramblings

The tradition started by Paulina continues:

1.  I still have my wisdom teeth. Everytime I saw my Pediatric Dentist, he told me I needed to have them taken out. Well, I never did (I blame my mother, ha). So far, they have given me no problems, but I fear one day my dentist is going to tell me I need to have them removed. They are completely impacted and sideways so I don’t even want to think about what a horrific experience that would be.

2.  I like to have breakfast for dinner a lot. As a matter of fact, I had eggs and toast for dinner… I just like it and it is easy to make. The fact that my son eats nothing but chicken nugget and french fries gives me the ability to make whatever I want.

3. I am huge fan of the Harry Potter, X-Men and Twilight Series.. Sorry, but I am. I read all of the Harry Potter and Twilight books. I don’t go walking around with a wand and cape or have posters or Team Edward shirts, but I am a huge fan….

4.  I don’t open my eyes under the water. I have seriously tried to force myself to open my eyes under the water in the pool, and they just won’t open!

5.  I am addicted to Coke Zero, but have felt very shaky and jittery lately so I have been forcing myself to consume less Coke Zero, down to one per day, wah. The one day I didn’t have one at all, I got a huge migraine! I am an addict.

6. I eat sushi at least once a week! My favorite sushi place is called Yummy Sushi and it is a half hour drive from my house, but I just love it so much. We go across the street to Chick Fil A for my son, then into Yummy for some delicious and “yummy” sushi! Kinda wishing I had that for dinner tonight instead of eggs and toast now.

7.  I stopped submitting my cards to publications. I got incredibly lucky when one of my cards was picked up for the August edition of Cards magazine, the first time I ever submitted. So I guess my expectations were high, lol! I submitted quite a few cards the two months following with no luck! So, I just quit cold turkey. I’ll count my blessings with my one publication! 🙂

8.  My son was named after me. My maiden name is Lukaszewski (stop laughing), hence the name Lucas! He is my pride and joy and by far the best thing I have EVER done.

9. I would so love to add one more child to my family.

10. I have a fear of closed spaces…. One day, my husband threw a blanket over me and my son playing around and I absolutely FREAKED OUT. It was ridiculous, not to mention embarrassing.

11.  I am a worry wart. I worry about EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. I despise exercising and am jealous of those of you who enjoy it.

13. I am addicted to the Iphone…. I think I have said that before but it is true. The Iphone 4 that just came out? There was no question I was going to get it, even if I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade. Lucky for me (and my husband’s wallet), I was. I sold my 3gs on Ebay and made more than enough to cover the cost of my new phone plus a case, even after the ebay/paypal fees. Thanks Ebay and the New Yorker who bought it. I am an APPLE lover. I am typing on a MAC laptop, with my Iphone right beside me and I own three Apple t-shirts. Yea, I am ridiculous!

14. I sneak food into the movies. Not just candy. I mean food. Some times Chick Fil A, most recently Larry’s Giant Subs… I can not stand movie food or the prices! I know, shame on me…..

Thanks for reading!  TA TA!!

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  1. Ok, sooo… I’m going down the list….

    1) I still have mine too! =(… And I despise the dentist!

    2) I love breakfast for dinner too! But how about the opposite? Dinner for breakfast?… Because I like that too! =)

    3) I read the first 3 books of the Twilight series. I liked the second one the best. But I didn’t continue on to the 4th… I guess I lost interest. =(

    4) HAHAHAAAA!!!! That’s pretty funny!

    5) Wow….

    6) Sushi is the BEST!

    7) I’m so lazy with submitting…. I always want to… but then I don’t feel like writing out all of the “steps” to make a card. It’s so tedious… LoL… pretty embarrassing, huh?

    8) Lucas is so adorable!… I saw that video you recently posted of him singing… OMG!!! SOOO Cute!!!

    9) Just DO IT!!! =)

    10) LoL…. Awww….

    11) Stop Worrying!

    12) OMG! Meee tooo!!! I always WISH I had that “feeling” when people crave going to the gym…. But it just never comes to me! =(

    13) Do I even have to write anything for this??!… HAHA…. I think you already know we’re both on the same page with the whole iPhone “obsession”! LoL

    14) Haha! I’ve so done that before too! =)

    Wow… ok, i’m done.
    You better feel special, because I think this is the longest comment I have left someone! LoL

    1. HA HA GIRL! You are too much! I just love you. I know we would be great friends if we lived in the same town. We have so much in common!! Guess we will have to settle for face chatting, lol!!!!! And oh my gosh, you MUST read the last Twilight book! That is the BEST one!!!!

  2. I have my wisdom teeth too! I only had one of them come in…yup, I’m a strange one.

    Breakfast foods for dinner is awesome! We used to do that a lot when I was a kid. French toast= always amazing!

    Oh girlie, I know what you’re going through regarding the caffeine withdrawals. I went through them for weeks. 🙁 Hope that you start to feel better and those shakes go away! That’s NOT good at all for crafting!

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