Jumping in the pool

I have been behind on my crafting lately and have missed three challenges that I really wanted to participate in? What, you ask, has been a distraction for me? Our new jet ski! We have been out and about all weekend long having so much fun! We have even taken our son out on it. Yesterday, I had the privilege of throwing my husband off the tube TWICE! 🙂 I don’t have any video of us on the jet ski as I dare not take my phone out there, but here is a pic of when we surprised my son with it!


Today, we went to the pool with some friends. Lucas hasn’t been swimming in over three weeks and I was afraid he had forgotten. Rest assured, he has not!


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  1. Lucas looks so small on the jetski! I bet it’s a lot of fun. He’s doing awesome with his swimming. He really learned a lot. Hey, your stuff is supposed to arrive today so I’ll try to send it out to you tomorrow. I’ll let you know when I’ve sent it.

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