ISR – Try it! It is worth every penny!

So, I blogged a few weeks ago that I signed my son up for swimmng lessons with ISR. We are in our second week and my instructor has already said that if Lucas masters all the skills this week, than next week will be his final week. That is awesome because ISR usually lasts 6 weeks.  Yes, my son still hates water in his face, but he has picked up on everything so quickly! I can hardly believe it. Several of the other moms even said that Lucas picked up on the skills a lot faster than their kids. I am so proud of my son! He is doing so well. He still constantly tells me “I don’t want to go under. I don’t like it” but he does it for our instructor and I know that if it ever came down to it, these skills he is learning will save his life! Check out this video of him from Friday… Each lesson lasts 10 minutes per day.


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  1. Jennie says:

    Awesome job Lucas! WE are so proud of you! I am so glad to see him swimming. you know that Christian will be impressed! I can’t believe that’s the same kid that was at the pool with us last summer!

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