Is my son really almost 3?

I can NOT believe that my son will be turning 3 next month. It seems like only yesterday I was telling my husband the news that I was pregnant. He just is growing so fast. Every day, it amazes me the things that come out of his mouth! It is such a joy and blessing to be his mother!

We had his birthday party early so his Daddy could be there to play with us.. We had it at Pump It Up. For those of you that have one of these, definitely check it out for parties! It was awesome and stress free. They did EVERYTHING for you from setting up and serving food, to keeping track of the gift recipients  to loading the car.. They have several different price packages.. Anyway, the kids had a blast there… One of the workers graciously agreed to film it for us, so as soon as edit the hours of video, I will post it… Here are a few pics from the festivities!!


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