Ink and Marker Storage with a discount code!!!

Hi there!  I’m here an “organizing” type post! I am an organizing nerd and I am always trying to find ways to improve the organization in my craft room. Inks and markers have been the hardest for me, until now!!!!  I stored all my inks in the drawers of my Alex unit by Ikea. But that didn’t work well for me… They fell on top of each other, fell to the back of the drawer. It was just an annoying mess… And my markers? I stored them in a woven basket. Not ideal because they would never stay grouped by colors.. Grrrr…. BUT I HAVE FOUND A SOLUTION! And I thought I would share it with you here!

Meet Organize More! I have heard the name before from others crafters but never looked into it, until now. It’s an awesome organizing supply website that features many different units for many different needs. Inks, markers, mists, paints, punches, desktop, journaling cards, wall, etc… See where I am going with this??? Lots of stuff to help you get yourself organized!!! And the items come in different colors… I chose white for both.

As I mentioned, I desperately needed help with my ink and marker storage so I purchased the 60 ink organizer that fits my Hero Arts, Wplus9, Versamark type sized pads perfectly! Note: they do offer other organizers that fit the Stampin’ Up pads. They come with the wall mounting hardware already attached and they also have little felt feet! That means you can hang them or you can stand them up on a flat surface, whatever your pleasure!!!


I have it hanging on my wall in between  my Ikea expedit and my desk for easy access! And as you can see, I have room for my more ink pads! Mooya!



My marker storage is amaze balls now as well too….  Adios woven basket and 15 other dinky dollar store organizing units scattered all over my craft room…. I’ve got one little baby that houses you all!!!! Organize More offers different size options. I opted for this one! Houses 350 markers/pencils….. WOO HOO! These also have the felt feet on the bottom as well (no hardware on thise one but can easily be mounted if you chose to do so). I love this because I literally drag this all over the house…. It’s light weight and I just hold it horizontally, face up so nothing falls out and away we go!!!!


This little guy holds all my markers and colored pencils!


 I am very pleased with the quality and durability of these units. They are hand built to order so it may take a bit longer to receive but I was fine with that. Packaging is top notch as well to cover from some post office transit mistakes… I wanted a quality product and that is what I received….. I contacted the fine folks at Organize More and they were so kind enough to offer a 10% off discount to all of my readers!!! The code will be valid for two weeks, so you can use it thru May 30th! Use code LBEARD10 for 10% off at checkout and yes, they can be combined with the daily deals they offer!!! HELLO! 🙂 SCORE. (remember, expires 5/30).

Note I was not paid or asked to share my experience by the folks at Organize More. I simply loved the product, was excited that I finally feel organized and wanted to tell you all know about it…. I emailed them to tell them how pleased I was and mentioned I would be sharing my experience with you and they graciously offered up a discount to you all!

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  1. barb macaskill says:

    I got the 90 ink organizer a while back and LOVELOVELOVE it!! They also created a new organizer from my suggestion and I have the protype on my work island! They are absolutely wonderful people to work with and really care about their customers!! I highly recommend them!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am definitely going to check them out!

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