I have finally awoken to the world of electronics

So, we finally got away from expensive Verizon. We made the switch to AT&T (formerly Cingular). Wait. I have to stop there. Let me get this straight. Nextel merged with Sprint. Cingular merged with AT&T. Verizon is still Verizon and T Mobile is still T Mobile.  And I think somewhere out there is Alltel.  The Today Show did a report on best cell phone deals, but we still went with AT&T. Their phones were better than T-Mobile and they have roll over minutes AND we got a great deal, but more on that in a minute. With that being said, check out the cool phone me and my husband got.  It is the Tilt. It is awesome and I love it. We got such a good deal on this phone. Instead of paying $600.00 for two phones, we paid only $200.00, thanks to the friendly manager of Cingular who offered us a great deal and kept us from walking across the street to T-Mobile.  So, you can haggle with cell phone prices, except for the IPhone. They are pretty firm on that one. Anyway, I am synching my phone’s contact list and calendar and just having a bunch of fun playing around with this phone. And on top of that, we are looking at getting a GPS system for our car. My friend got this one and she loves it…. It is between that one and this one.  So, watch out Ebay… I am on the hunt for a great deal!

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