I despise yard work, but hopefully on day, I won’t….

So, a green thumb is in my blood. My grandfather had it and both of my parents have it…. I never have taken an interest in anything to do with the yard. I planted up my flower bed once or twice, but nothing serious. Well, in the last month, I have planted 52 flowers, laid a bunch of sod and 4 trays of plugs…. My grass was just a mess and I couldn’t take it anymore…… So there I am, on my own, laying sod. It was quite a sight, but I am proud of myself that I completed the task. All of the flower beds look fantastic and front yard should come around once the new grass fills out. The backyard is another story. So many weeds.. The weed-n-feed didn’t touch whatever species of weeds I have in my backyard. I pulled 2 bags full today and you can’t even tell I made a dent in my backyard…. If I can get what grass I do have healthy, then it can help choke out those ridiculous weeds. Not sure what purpose God intended when he created weeds, other than to DRIVE ME NUTS! 🙂 Here are a few pictures of my flowers beds and my front yard sod project. Oh yes, I also included a picture of my front porch! The new glider the sweet Florida Pest Control man helped me assemble and the new tables and plants/planters I got…. We’ve got: Dianthus, Hibiscus, Plumbego, blueberry bushes, rosemary, impatients, dianthus, Verbenium, Some awesome plants that start with a “K” (picutres with two red and one white), knockout rose bush, pentas and I am sure much more I don’t even know I have but that will soon start popping up out of the ground since the cold is gone and Spring is upon us….

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