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  1. Rose Pahl says:

    I probably won’t win any of that glue oh, I have such problems with glue it would be nice to get. but dot-dot-dot I turned you on at 12:30 AM on Sunday I’ve been having a hard time breathing today I have some kind of COPD and it is not fun whatsoever but anyhow. My head was spinning because I couldn’t believe that you could talk as fast as you could work LOL God bless you in every way. Small prayers get big answers.

  2. Valerie says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m pinning to watch ASAP. Like Rose, I always seem to make a mess with glue, so learing to fix those mistakes would be great

    Rose, I hope you’re feeling better! Having asthma myself, I hate even the thought of anything affecting my breathing.

    Take care.

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